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Northampton, MA Local Information - Northampton Business Directory and Travel Guide

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Defiant Vision: Prints and Poetry by Munio Makuuchi
Featuring more than 50 prints and examples of his poetry, this timely museum exhibition is the first to focus on the work of Munio Makuuchi (born Howard Takahashi, 1934-2000) and serves as a reclamation of the artist's visual and literary contributions. The son of a Japanese-born father and American-born mother, Makuuchi and his family were confined in an incarceration camp for Japanese Americans from 1942 to 1945.  This pivotal experience was a catalyst for Makuuchi's art as well as his rootless existence.This project is supported by grants from the US Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program; Wyeth Foundation for American Art; and several SCMA funds. Please visit https://bit.ly/2Z2Jxxm for more information. SCMA information: Smith College Museum of Art 20 Elm Street at Bedford Terrace Northampton, MA 01063 413-585-2760 artmuseum@smith.edu

When: Aug 23, 2019 12am to Dec 8, 2019 12am in Northampton, MA

Light Training- High School & Middle School

When: Sep 9, 2019 12am to Nov 23, 2019 12am in Northampton, MA

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When: Oct 21, 2019 2:30AM to Oct 21, 2019 11pm in Northampton, MA

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About Northampton, MA
Northampton Massachusetts is a vibrant small city that feels like a small hometown with several distinctive village centers. Northampton is home to the prestigious Smith College and Smith College Museum of Art and downtown is vibrant from the presence and influence of young women and the professors that lead them in their academic journey.

Northampton is known as the #1 small arts town in America with a bustling downtown day and night offering a wide selection of restaurants and coffee shops as well as antique stores. Here you will also find museums and theaters as well as clubs and street musicians.

It is located in western Massachusetts at the foot of the Berkshires. Northampton is only 93 miles west of Boston and north of Springfield.

The local events are someting not to miss including the Taste of Northampton featuring the best food of the area. The Summer Sidewalk Sales offers great products and savings along the sidewalks of downtown Northampton. The Three County Fairground hosts many events including a number of Horse shows and the famous Three County Fair.

Relax at Look Memorial Park or bike the Norwottuck Rail Trail and enjoy the scenic views of the Connecticut River. Northampton is a destination that will please everyone!