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Lisa Martin
Cool space with great craft brews! Music til 8:30pm

When: May 23, 2019 6pm in Easthampton, MA

Valley Music Showcase: May 2019- The Best of Original Local Music: Season 4

May 24, 2019 8pm New City Brewery, Easthampton, MA Great ORIGINAL MUSIC to Listen & Dance to- SUPPORT the FINEST in NEW LOCAL MUSIC A juried competition for BIG PRIZES designed to show off the best exciting new talent in the Western/Central Mass, Central CT, & Southern. VT area. The Lineup!: CONTESTANTS: Amber Belle & the Bottoms, Quncy, Bad Tenants, Snack Pack, & Among the Acres SPECIAL GUEST: "Peter J Newland & RadioX” Style/Genre: Rock Hometown: Springfield, MA Song Link: http://www.radiox-band.com/ Peter J. Newland and RadioX is a band built on the original music of Peter J. Newland. Moving with power, fluidly in and between the blues, rock, country and R&B idioms, Peter J. Newland and RadioX are quickly growing their fanbase. Peter and the band interpret and adapt works by many favorite artists including: Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, James Brown, Paul Young, The Allman Brothers, Van Morrison, The Rolling Stones….. GUEST JUDGES: Brendan Leith, Talent Buyer Iron Horse Entertainment Group; David Sokol, DJ Sokol Heroes; Mark Sherry, Producer VMS CONTESTANTS: 1) AMBER BELLE AND THE BOTTOMS Style/Genre: Folk Hometown: Northampton, MA Song link: https://amberbelle.bandcamp.com/, https://www.amberbellemusic.com/ With roots in folk, country, rock, soul, and classical, Amber's goal in writing music is always connection to others. Her soulful songwriting, beautiful melodies, poignant lyrics, and sweet, honeyed tones cut straight to the core. Band members (“The Bottoms”) include Matthew Thornton on cello and lead guitar, and Aaron Knapp on bass, whose expertise add depth and passion to an already bewitching experience. 2) QUINCY Style/Genre: Blues/Rock/Folk Hometown: North Adams, MA Song link: https://soundcloud.com/quincy-band-150307100/adrift-the-tides Quincy is comprised of 4 singer-songwriters, and a pair of brothers in the rhythm section. Matt and Tim Shiebler have been playing music together for over a decade, along with guitarist and vocalist Dylan Girouard. Tim Martin brings a certain folk/western song writing style to the mix. Dan O’Connell tinkles the keys & Luke Tobin rounds it all out with guitar, vocals, & sex appeal. Through their music, Quincy seeks to inspire listeners to keep it real, & have a good time. 3) SNACK PACK Style/Genre: CosmicHippie Rock, Swingin’ Roots Country, Parlor Jazz Pop Hometown: Northampton, MA Song Link: Snack Pack is on a mission of peace, love, harmony, and fun, in a grab-bag fashion from a variety of genre flavors, hence the band name, with original works and others re-imagined. Members include: Betsy-Dawn Williams, aka “BeeDee”, Josh Gordon, Doug Morton, and Marshall Grossman. 4) AMONG THE ACRES Style/Genre: Folk Rock/Americana Hometown: Hartford, CT Song link: https://open.spotify.com/track/7rkYwXJVeRH8yDjvtRqt7G?si=geXBG0rsQa-SLiJtZbsI2Q Merging elements of folk, rock, pop, and Americana, “Among the Acres” delivers a powerhouse of a live set, stacked with cascading vocal harmonies, dynamic grooves, and a keen sense for lyricism. Erik, Greg, Michael, and Sean are currently touring their debut album “Looking In”. 5) BAD TENANTS Style/Genre: Pop/Soul Hometown: Northampton, MA Songlink: https://youtu.be/vDE-sXsUmGU Bad Tenants’ music tries to transcend typical categories of pop, rock and soul. Nadia Ahmed-Lead Singer; Donald Sonn- Rhythm guitar; back up vocals, harmonica; Micah K-z- Bass guitar, Back up vocals; Frank Payeur- Lead guitar, Backup vocals; Tobey Sol Larouche- Drums, guitar, backup vocals Hosted by New City Brewery 180 Pleasant St (rear) Easthampton, MA Contact Info: Mark Sherry’s Valley Music Showcase (413) 203-9764 valleymusicshowcase@gmail.com www.facebook.com/valleymusicshowcase TICKETS: $7.50 advance; $10 @ door ______________________________________________________ PRODUCED by MARK SHERRY & SPONSORED by New City Brewery, Cider House Media, Northfire Recording Studio, Rotary Records, Lazer 99.3 FM, Galaxy Restaurant, INSA, PRIA Music Marketing, Antonios Pizza, Salon 413, The Dam Café, Turn it Up, Big E's Supermarket, 93.9 The River, Sharktank Tattoo, Falcetti Music, Healy Guitars, Mantis Graphics, Deans Beans, Easthampton Savings Bank, GCTV, Valley Free Radio 103.3, HCAC-The Print Shop, Puzzled-Escape Games, Whip City Music, Telefunken, Strength for Life Fitness, Pioneer Valley Indoor Karting, Notorious Vapors, Electric Eye Records, Sutter Meats https://ciderhouse.media/ www.newcitybrewery.com www.rotaryrecords.com http://northfirerecording.com/ www.mantisgraphics.com https://telefunken-elektroakustik.com/ http://galaxy413.com/ www.priamusicmarketing.com www.bigessupermarket.com www.turnitup.com/ www.thedamcafe.net/ www.salon413.com www.bankesb.com www.facebook.com/ThePrintShopHolyoke https://lazer993.com/ www.wrsi.com http://tabooartists.com/shark-tank-tattoo www.falcettimusic.com www.mantisgraphics.com https://deansbeans.com http://healyguitars.com/

When: May 24, 2019 8pm in Easthampton, MA

The Magnanimous Heart

The Magnanimous Heart: Compassion and love, Loss and Grief, Joy and Liberation An open sitting, Dharma talk, and book-signing with Narayan Helen Liebeson Suggested contribution: $7-25, split 60/40 between teacher and center Walk-ins welcome! In her long-awaited debut, a beloved master teacher shows us how to move from the “constant squeeze” of suffering to a direct experience of enoughness. The magnanimous heart is a heart of balance and buoyancy, of generosity and inclusivity. It allows us to approach each moment exactly as it is, in a fresh and alive way free from agendas and “shoulds,” receiving all that arises. It has the capacity to hold anything and everything, transforming even vulnerability and grief into workable assets. In writing evocative of Pema Chödrön’s, Narayan Helen Liebenson teaches us exactly how it is possible to turn the sting and anguish of loss into a path of liberation—the deep joy, peace, and happiness within our own hearts that exists beyond mere circumstances. The Magnanimous Heart shows us how to skillfully respond to painful human emotions through the art of meditative inquiry, or questioning wisely. Readers will learn how to live from a compassionate love that guides our lives and warms whatever it shines upon. With metta and compassion as companions and allies, we discover how our own magnanimous hearts can gently allow the inner knots to untie themselves. Narayan Helen Liebenson is a Guiding Teacher at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, and has been teaching at the Center since it opened in 1985. Narayan is also a Guiding Teacher at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA. She is the author of The Magnanimous Heart and Life as Meditation. Her training includes over 35 years in the Theravada tradition, as well as ten years in Chan with the late Master Sheng-yen. Narayan Liebenson finds it a joy and a privilege to share the Buddha’s teachings with all who are interested.

When: May 29, 2019 7pm in Easthampton, MA

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About Easthampton, MA
The City of Easthampton was founded in 1785 as a town and is located in Hampshire County about 96 miles west of Boston. Although a city government, the community wishes to be known as "The Town of Easthampton".

Visitors are drawn to steep slopes of Mount Tom that border the city on the east. Nonotuck Park is a breath taking regional recreation area that includes 190 acres of land for active and passive activities. Another attraction is the Arcadia Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary that provides children as well as adults with the importance of animals and preserving their habitat.

Easthampton is also home to the Williston Northampton School a private secondary collage prep school that just received the blue ribbon educational award which ranked it one of the top private schools in the country.