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5 BedroomBR Multi-Family HomeMulti - $295,000
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Easthampton Events
Run Club Field Trip!
We're taking the Northampton Run Club on the road! Join us at Abandoned Building Brewery in Easthampton for a trail run followed by some post-run fun at the brewery. All are welcome!

When: Sep 27, 2018 6pm in Easthampton, MA

Tri-Club Unsanctioned Epee

Tri-Club Unsanctioned Epee Sep 28, 2018

PVFA, UMass, and Northampton High fencers are invited to compete in a friendly community building scrimmage each Friday. A different weapon will be fenced each week. We all share coaches, so let's get together and stab each other too!
Pioneer Valley Fencing Academy: Easthampton, MA

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Map to 94 Cottage St Easthampton MA 01027

When: Sep 28, 2018 12am to Sep 28, 2018 12am in Easthampton, MA

Be Me Queer Fireside Release Gathering

Do you find that you hold emotions inside? Do you resist sadness, grief, frustration, anger-the emotions that modern society has told us are "bad"? Do you stuff experiences deep inside of yourself because you feel others don't want to hear about them or won't understand? That was me too.  Being in the presence of others in the LGBTQ community who want to "hold space" for each other and doing so around fire can be magical. Too often those who identify as LGBTQ often feel alienated from themselves and each other due unacceptance by family and social stigmas of being gay, trans, or queer, and become afraid to reach out for support. As a lesbian, queer community supporter, and life coach, I offer to change that here. For thousands of years, communities have come together in circle and around fire to be present with each other, to witness, to hold space, and to provide support when requested.   I offer this opportunity to you to experience a release gathering. Our group will be small (attendance capped at eight), and we will create a "safe container" for each other. Basic care and kindness agreements will be established. In this circle you can simply rest in the energy of kindness and healing or you can share. Our stories and feelings are a natural and healthy part of who we are, and are important to notice, feel, share and release. ALL of you is welcome. There are many ways to release, we will come together, honor the fire and our circle, and you will have several opportunities to release as you see fit. I will email those who RSVP with sample ideas and minimalist guidance, and you are free to follow what your soul and spirit call you to do. One example: I like to first write my experience, painful thought or positive intention on paper or craft sticks or even create an very basic drawing or crafting piece. I decide by the fire, what comes next. I typically offer my piece into the fire-sometimes silently, sometimes singing, sometimes via words. I often sing...sometimes the words make sense, sometimes not. Or hum...or speak my written work. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I don't. I sometimes jump or dance or shake myself as a physical act of releasing what is on my mind and heart.  There is NO JUDGEMENT here. In this space, your spirit, your soul, your inner child can be free. ♥ I look forward to connecting. Directions will be sent to those who RSVP. 

When: Sep 28, 2018 7pm in Easthampton, MA

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About Easthampton, MA
The City of Easthampton was founded in 1785 as a town and is located in Hampshire County about 96 miles west of Boston. Although a city government, the community wishes to be known as "The Town of Easthampton".

Visitors are drawn to steep slopes of Mount Tom that border the city on the east. Nonotuck Park is a breath taking regional recreation area that includes 190 acres of land for active and passive activities. Another attraction is the Arcadia Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary that provides children as well as adults with the importance of animals and preserving their habitat.

Easthampton is also home to the Williston Northampton School a private secondary collage prep school that just received the blue ribbon educational award which ranked it one of the top private schools in the country.