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Milton, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Milton Events
Halloween at Hutch
When: Oct 20, 2018 12am in Milton, MA
Cost: Member Adult: $3;
Member Child: FREE;
Nonmember Adult: $6;
Nonmember Child: FREE;

Halloween at Hutch

Sponsored by: Boston Community Gardens
Minimum age: 15
Help us engage the families of Milton and Lower Mills in some Halloween fun! We'll be making s'mores around the campfire, taking a swing at a pinata, and doing some pumpkin painting . . . . . .

When: Oct 20, 2018 3pm in Milton, MA

Safe, Non Sexual Cuddle Party October 21, 2018 6:30 - 10:00 p.m.

WHY DO PEOPLE COME TO A CUDDLE PARTY? * Do you long for more touch, nurturing, or affection in your life? * Is it hard to find safe, non-sexual touch?  * Are you ready to explore conscious connection, authentic consent, and empowered boundaries? Then a Cuddle Party is the place for you!  Cuddle Party is a Communications Workshop and a Cuddle event! There’s no question about it ~ we all crave more touch.  The benefits of safe, nurturing, welcome, consensual touch is essential for the wellbeing of your body, your heart, and your spirit. Your nervous system, blood pressure, and emotional health all benefit from healthy, heart-full touch! You may want to attend this Cuddle Party  for a variety of reasons. Some come just to have fun and enjoy a wonderful evening of connecting with like-minded people and making new friends. Some come to safely fulfill their need for affection and nurturing touch that may be missing in their everyday life. Some appreciate the learning and personal growth aspect, having the opportunity to improve their social and communication skills, and explore ways of creating connection and closeness. Some may appreciate risking connecting with someone of the same sex (or the opposite sex, if that's your edge). Some find a beautiful element of spirituality here, and play with touch meditation, breath, Tantra eye gazing, and exploring the naturally altered state of consciousness that the "cuddling hormone" oxytocin can produce. Whatever you choose to do is Perfect in a Cuddle Party. Though touch is natural, the skills that make it welcome and enjoyable sometimes need to be learned and practiced. In a Cuddle Party we teach and practice expressing boundaries, asking for what you want, and saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ with clarity and kindness. For many of us, this can be an uncomfortable edge to explore. That's why I created my own cuddle space affectionately called the Temple of Yum! My job as a trained facilitator is to guide you into these skills gently and easily, in a fun, safe and light hearted way. I am here to create an atmosphere of respect and safety, welcoming you wherever you are on a scale of comfort with touch. I remain available for questions and support throughout the whole Cuddle Party.  WHAT TO EXPECT During the first hour we create the structure of the event with our Welcome Circle. We will introduce ourselves, go over the Agreements of the Cuddle Party  (like "Ask permission and get a verbal Yes before touching anyone", and "It's okay to change your mind at any time, for any reason"), and go through several communication and ice-breaker exercises. This is followed by a few hours of social snuggling time, where you will have the option to join in a group snuggle, connect with others for individual snuggles, or just sit back and watch, journal, and have a conversation. You can leave at anytime, or stay until we end with the Closing Circle.  Snuggling can mean feet against feet, head or shoulder rubs, full-body hugs, spooning - it is entirely up to you. You can participate according to your desires and comfort level. It is perfectly ok if you just want to talk and not touch anyone for a while or not at all - YOU ARE ALWAYS AT CHOICE!!!. Regardless of your level of physical engagement, you will have a great opportunity to meet and connect with other people in a safe and relaxing environment. LOGISTICAL DETAILS  Be sure to REGISTER in advance through EventBrite. There are a limited number of tickets (26) available. Confirmations with complete details and directions will be e-mailed out to those who register. Early Bird Registration, before October 14: $30 Regular Registration after October 14: $40  PLEASE BE ON TIME. Doors lock at 6:30 pm! The opening Welcome Circle is for introductions and to go over the Agreements of the Cuddle Party in the Temple of Yum. This is an important aspect of the Cuddle Party experience and creates a safe container for all participants. It is essential that everyone be on time. Once the Welcome Circle begins, no late arrivals can enter. WEAR comfortable, non-binding, clothing (sweat pants, loose cotton, pajamas, onesies, etc. - have fun!). Think comfy, not sexy. You may change at the venue if necessary. This will be a shoe-free environment, so please bring and wear socks. Out of consideration for other participants, please be fresh and hygenic and DON’T WEAR any strong fragrances, colognes, or perfumes. The space will be comfortable air conditioned.  BRING your open heart, and be prepared for the open hearts of others! Optionally, consider bringing a pillow and blanket or any other soft fluff to enhance your snuggling experience. If you feel drawn to come and money is an issue please em me at cuddlepartypaul@yahoo.com. Please note:  * There is no nudity or sexual activity at this event. This is not a dating group. If that is your reason for interest, please do not attend. * This is a drug and alcohol free event. Please respect the sanctity of this intention.  * This is an official Cuddle Party®. For more info visit www.cuddleparty.com. * If you decide by the end of the Welcome Circle that it isn’t the right time/event for you, you may leave and receive a full refund. * If you are a no show, or arrive after the doors have closed, no refund. LOCATION I have created a dedicated cuddle space in my home just for this purpose.  Location address and directions will be sent out after I receive the Eventbrite confirmation. 

When: Oct 21, 2018 6:30PM in Milton, MA

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About Milton, MA
The Town of Milton was founded in 1662 and is located in Norfolk County. The town is known for its beauty and wealth of the community.

Points of interest in Milton include the Captain Forbes House Museum that was built in 1883; Captain Forbes was a ship owner and designer as well as an internationally known philanthropist. Also visit the Blue Hills Reservation for a piece of history and a picture perfect view of Boston.

Milton is also home to the first chocolate factory in New England which was the Baker Chocolate Factory built in 1764. The town is also one of the most Irish towns in the United States.