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Braintree Massachusetts - Local Information Guide to the Town of Braintree

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2 BedroomBR Condominium / Co-opCondo - $346,000
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Mortgage 101 & 2 FREE CE Credits
2 Hour continuing education for Realtors, Financing Basics RE25RC08, and Mortgage 101 with refreshments!

When: Nov 20, 2019 9am in Braintree, MA

Holiday Wine & Cheese with Adam Centamore in Braintree!

It's that time of year again - the holidays! The decorations come out, the music plays incessantly in stores, and everyone figures out a way to stay happy for two months. Fortunately, this time of year isn't all bad news. The holidays also happen to be when some of the best food & drink of the [...]


When: Nov 20, 2019 6pm in Braintree, MA
Cost: $30

Pain Step (Braintree)

Do you know how to uncover your prospect's real pain? Watch a short intro video. In this lesson, you will learn how to measure the quality of an opportunity (and ultimately decide whether or not to pursue it) based on not only the prospect’s need for your product or service, but how they feel about the need.  If they are experiencing emotions such as frustration, uncertainty, doubt, worry, anxiety, concern and/or anger, FUDWACA, they have “pain.” People make decisions for two reasons: They are either moving toward pleasure or trying to move away from pain. 98% of prospects' buying decisions are to overcome pain.  Your goal as a salesperson is to get your prospect emotionally involved by uncovering their pain. He/she will experience pain and reveal the cause of the pain, so you may provide the solution.  Being skilled at uncovering pain helps you and helps the prospect to move forward.  Participate and learn how to be more effective, save time, have more fun and do a better job helping people that need your help by gently "walking them down the aisle" to doing business with you!   

When: Nov 21, 2019 11:30AM in Braintree, MA

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About Braintree, MA
The Town of Braintree was founded in 1640 and is located in Norfolk County about ten miles from Boston.

Old Braintree was the birthplace of two of our presidents -John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams. The town offers an excellent school system and a public beach as well as an 18 hole public golf course.

Braintree also includes the one of the largest regional shopping centers in the north east, the South Shore Plaza.