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Chestnut Hill, MA - Local Guide to the Boston Neighborhood

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Chestnut Hill Events
Irish Dance Showcase
When: Feb 22, 2019 7pm in Chestnut Hill, MA

Irish Dance Showcase

When: Feb 23, 2019 7pm in Chestnut Hill, MA

Restorative Yoga and Essential Oils with Kerry McGinn!

Join Kerry to explore the use of essential oils in your personal yoga practice.  This workshop is the perfect way to slow down your practice and indulge in a hour of self care. Longer moments in your favorite yoga poses will access deep relaxation with the support of essential oils and pranayama (breathing exercises). Each essential oil will target a different chakra which supports the health and vibrancy of that chakra.  The class will begin with a brief introduction to essential oils and the use of them throughout your practice.  Then Kerry will take the class through a restorative yoga practice supported by essential oils. The class will end with an interactive workshop where yogis will learn more uses for essential oils in their daily lives and the great benefits associated with their use! Space for this class is limited - If you cannot make the class and have reserved a ticket, please remit your ticket or email us below so someone else can join, this class has a high demand and not enough spots! Please email samantha_brady@stores.gap.com and guinnevere_palmer@stores.gap.com with any questions or concerns.

When: Feb 24, 2019 9:30AM in Chestnut Hill, MA

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About Chestnut Hill, MA
Chestnut Hill a neighborhood of Boston is a wealthy suburb notable for its stately old houses, scenic landscape and the historic campus of Boston College.

Points of interest in Chestnut Hill include the Longwood Cricket Club which was the birth place of Davis Cup as well as the Cardinal Mansion and many others.