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Randolph, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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2 BedroomBR Condominium / Co-opCondo - $409,900
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Randolph Events
When: Jun 21, 2017 12am to Aug 16, 2017 12am in Randolph, MA

2017 Women In Ministry Brunch

You are invited to the Women In Ministry 6th Anniversary Brunch. Come to hear our Keynote Speaker Elisa Morgan.

When: Jun 22, 2017 10am in Randolph, MA


*PLEASE NOTE: IN ORDER TO ENTER EACH COMPETITION BARBERS MUST REGISTER THEMSELVES AND MODELS AT THE DOOR. IF YOU DO NOT REGISTER UPON ARRIVAL YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMPETE. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. It is the responsibility of the competitor to read and understand the General Rules and Regulations. Competitors may enter two models. The model(s) will receive complimentary passes for the day of the competition. No additional time will be given for additional models. Judging will be done on a visual basis only. The SPONSORS RESERVE THE RIGHT to cancel or limit the number of competitors. There must be a minimum of 10 contestants for each contest by the start of the competition. If there are NOT 10 contestants at the start of the competition prizes/prize money will be negotiated. ALL COMPETITORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL BELONGINGS!!! CLAIM YOU FAME!! GENERAL ADMISSION- $30 PER TICKET V.I.P ADMISSION- $100 Entry – Red carpet service, complimentary champagne, catering and beverage with private bartender STUDENT BATTLE - $50 Entry..CASH PRIZE AND TROPHY This battle is for the student that has the nicest fade. Students will have 30 min to show their stuff against other students out there. It is a fade completion that is all about the cut. You will be judged on precision of fade, line up and overall haircut. Bring your A+ game... FASTEST FADE – $75 Entry...CASH PRIZE AND TROPHY This completion is for the fastest of the fastest. Barbers will have 15 min to complete this haircut. Models must have #2 length on top. No pre lines. No pre cuts, nor shape-ups. Hair will be cut to 1 1⁄2 on top to bald on sides. Barbers will be judged on the blend and the fade. How tight the line is and the cleanliness of the hair cut.  HEAD AND BEARD - $100 Entry…. CASH PRIZE AND TROPHY This competition is the best Low Fade with a beard incorporated with the cut. Hair will be cut to 1 ½ on top to low bald fade on sides. The barbers will have 45 min to complete and will be judged on the blend of the fade how tight the line is, and the cleanliness of the haircut and beard. No pre cut. No pre lines, no pre shape-ups, and no temporary color used at the battle. Beard must be full before starting and any beard shape can be created as long as the beard is kept. FREESTYLE DESIGN- $125 Entry...CASH PRIZE AND TROPHY This is for any barber that wants to show off their artistry skills and creativity form simple to the most complex design. Barbers will be judge on how creative and clean their cut and design is. You do whatever you want with 1 hour to complete. No precuts!!! Barbers will be judged on the complexity the design and overall haircut there are no extra points neither given nor taken for color usage. Just make sure it’s uniformed. (NO DUPLICATION) ALL MODELS WILL BE EXAMINED BEFORE COMPETITION. IF MODELS DOES NOT MEET REQUIREMENTS YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

When: Jun 25, 2017 2pm in Randolph, MA

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About Randolph, MA
The Town of Randolph was founded in 1793 and is located in Norfolk County.

The town has 31000 year round residents.

Residents of Randolph celebrate their heritage and strive to build a future for which we can all be proud.