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Deerfield, MA Local Information - Business Directory and Guide to Deerfield

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Plants and Place: Native Flora in Western Massachusetts
From their arrival in the 17th century, European colonists began noting changes in New England's ecology and landscape. Their recorded impressions largely consisted of observations in the form of letters, diaries, pamphlets, and reports of discoveries. Less common are plant specimens and paintings or drawings of plants that document the region's flora. This program will consider the botanical diversity of western MA as revealed in herbaria - collections of plant specimens. This one-day forum brings together a range of speakers for a lively discussion of the history, use, and preservation of herbaria in western MA. At the end of the program participants will have the opportunity to examine restored pages of Stephen West Williams's herbarium.

When: Apr 1, 2017 12am to Apr 1, 2017 12am in Deerfield, MA

Open Hearth Cooking Demonstrations: Family Style

Visit with our hearth cooks as they prepare family-style dinners like they did in early New England. Help mix batter, churn butter, and learn about the main meal of the day - dinner!

When: Apr 17, 2017 12am to Apr 30, 2017 12am in Deerfield, MA

Spring Cleaning: Scrub, Rub, Polish and Shine

After a long and snowy winter the History Workshop is ready to throw open its doors and launch into a real old fashioned spring cleaning. Roll up your sleeves and join us to learn how to wash clothes using a wooden wash board and tub, and make some soap while you scrub. The cast iron pots and the silver need polishing and the dusty rugs need a thorough cleaning with the rug beater. Whitewash a wall, sweep the floors with a homemade broom and use a feather duster. "Spring" into spring, with a cleaning fling!

When: Apr 17, 2017 12am to Apr 30, 2017 12am in Deerfield, MA

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Chandler's Restaurant At Yankee Candle Flagship 
25 Greenfield Road
South Deerfield, MA 01373

From traditional New England lunch fare to romantic candlelight dinners, experience extraordinary dining at Chandler's. This award-winning restaurant at Yankee Candle Flagship features a menu that changes regularly and one of the region's best wine cellars.
About Deerfield, MA
Deerfield Massachusetts was founded in 1673 and the town is located in Franklin County. Deerfield was the earliest community settled in Franklin County.

Deerfield is the site of a major craft fair each year which is considered to be on of the most important craft fairs in the northeast. The towns' museum offers 19 exhibit rooms and a number of concerts throughout the season. Those in town are able to tour 13 of the historic residences in the town.

Remember to bring your camera and visit the Mount Sugarloaf State Reservation located on Route 116 just off Route I-91 in Deerfield. Drive up and park at the mountain top for beautiful panoramic views of the the Connecticut River Valley and the Connecticut River winds through the farm of the area.