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Shelburne, MA Local Information - Business Directory & Guide to Shelburne

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Shelburne Events
Glenn Roth with special guest Charles Berthoud
Fingerstyle bassist Charles Berthoud opens for fingerstyle guitarist Glenn Roth.

When: Aug 18, 2017 12am to Aug 18, 2017 12am in Shelburne Falls, MA

5J Barrow with guest Cassidy and the Music

Acoustic rockers Cassidy and the Music open for indie/folk rock band 5J Barrow.

When: Aug 19, 2017 12am to Aug 19, 2017 12am in Shelburne Falls, MA

Hunt's Photo Walk: The Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls

Join Trisha Sunryder on a short walk to the picturesque "Bridge of Flowers" in Shelburne Falls, MA. During the walk they will discuss Macro Photography, Image Composition, Exposure, and Black and White Photography. Shelburne Falls was once a great fishing area for Native Americans, but progressed into a manufacturing town. This area has a nice view and allows for interesting shots of the falls. The old trolley bridge was converted into a walkway and managed by the women of the town. They planted flowers and shrubs to create a more pleasing atmosphere. Today, thousands of visitors come to view this area and photograph the flowers. Although the falls setting is more of a landscape viewing, the bridge of flowers poses an excellent opportunity for macro lovers. We will divide our time on this walk between macro/close-up photography on and around the bridge and landscape/longer exposure photography around the falls. This will be an excellent opportunity to utilize both macro lenses and neutral density filters.

When: Aug 19, 2017 9am in Shelburne Falls, MA

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About Shelburne, MA
The Town of Shelburne Massachusetts was founded in 1768 and is located in Franklin County.

Shelburne contains about 3,000 year round residents which includes the village of Shelburne Falls.

Shelburne is best known for the famous Bridge of Flowers and its glacial potholes(one of the largest concentrations of the glacial wonders. Visitors and residents alike are encouraged to stop at the Shelburne Museum for a bit of the town history. Shelburne Grange Fair which is usually held during the month of August and has BBQ's and flea markets, crafts and much more!