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Deerfield, MA Local Information - Business Directory and Guide to Deerfield

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Slowing Down to Stay in Touch: Communication Before the Computer
Did you ever wonder how people communicated without the aid of "smart" devices and "social media?" Join us this fall and discover the many ways people in the past communicated with each other. Discover the joy of face-to-face communication. Lean over the garden fence and talk to your neighbor. Knock on the door and borrow a cup of sugar. Read some letters written in Deerfield long ago. Write a letter! Try writing with a quill pen, a fountain pen and a ball point pen. Use our manual and electric typewriters; take your typing with you and mail it to a friend. Slow down and enjoy communicating in the old fashioned way. Saturdays and Sundays at the History Workshop.

When: Sep 9, 2017 12am to Nov 12, 2017 12am in Deerfield, MA

Open Hearth Cooking Demonstrations

Join our hearth cooks this fall as they demonstrate open hearth cooking in the 1786 Hall Tavern Kitchen. See website for specific dates and topics.

When: Sep 16, 2017 12am to Nov 18, 2017 12am in Deerfield, MA

Historic Trades Demonstrations

See Yankee ingenuity at work as historic trades are demonstrated by artisans this fall at Historic Deerfield. Trades include basket making, pottery, silversmithing, blacksmithing, letterpress printing, dressmaking and more! See website for dates on weekends this fall.

When: Sep 30, 2017 12am to Dec 10, 2017 12am in Deerfield, MA

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About Deerfield, MA
Deerfield Massachusetts was founded in 1673 and the town is located in Franklin County. Deerfield was the earliest community settled in Franklin County.

Deerfield is the site of a major craft fair each year which is considered to be on of the most important craft fairs in the northeast. The towns' museum offers 19 exhibit rooms and a number of concerts throughout the season. Those in town are able to tour 13 of the historic residences in the town.

Remember to bring your camera and visit the Mount Sugarloaf State Reservation located on Route 116 just off Route I-91 in Deerfield. Drive up and park at the mountain top for beautiful panoramic views of the the Connecticut River Valley and the Connecticut River winds through the farm of the area.