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Allston Massachusetts - Information and Local Guide to the Boston Neighborhood

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Amazingly, there aren't any properties available for sale here right now. Clicking the link above will take you to real estate listings in other Massachusetts cities and towns.
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The Road Home Online: December 2015 Registration
The Road Home is an online First-time homebuyer course available to MassHousing and the ONE mortgage borrowers.  In order to receive a MassHousing or ONE loan you must complete this course or a certified in-person Homebuying 101 course. The certificate is only valid in the state of MA. This is an online course, but there is an in-person wrap-up session you must attend in order to receive a valid certificate of completion.  Please read below for more information on the course. The Road Home consists of seven modules.  You must complete all seven modules and receive a score of at least 80% on the quiz at the end of the course.  This will take you at least 4 hours in total.  You will receive a certificate acknowledging that you have completed the online component of the course.  You will need to print this out and bring it to your in-person session.  Once you have completed the online portion of the course you will need to contact The Homebuying Mentors to schedule an in-person coaching session.  This will be a small group session and will be held at The Homebuying Mentors office, located in Allston, MA.  Sessions are held on the third Monday of each month from 4to 6:00pm for homebuyers in the beginning of the process. Sessions are scheduled on the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 4to 5:00pm for those who have signed a Purchase & Sale agreement. Please contact one of our staff members to schedule your in-person session after you have completed the online portion of the course. You will receive your valid certificate of completion at the end of the in-person coaching session.   Please Note: The registration fee is non-refundable.   **When typing your information on the first page, please enter Allston Brighton CDC as your homebuyer counseling agency.**   Before accessing the on-line course you should check the following system requirements. The minimum software requirements for viewing the class content include the following: o        Adobe Flash Player 6, 0, 79 or later. One of the following Web browsers (the stated version or later): o        Windows: Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 1, Google Chrome, Safari 3, Opera 9.5, Netscape 7, AOL 8, CompuServe 7 o        Macintosh: Firefox 1, Google Chrome, Safari 3, Opera 9.5, Netscape 7, AOL 7 o        Linux: Firefox 1, Opera 9.5, Konqueror 3.3.1   If you would like to know more about the MassHousing loan program, please visit their website. More information on the ONE mortgage can be found on MHP's website.

When: Dec 5, 2016 1pm in Allston, MA

Jack Romanov

with Spo, Ian Cat, Mint Green
When all four members of Jack Romanov started studying at Suffolk University in the fall of 2012, none of them could have predicted meeting each other and practicing in the cramped up basements of downtown Boston.After running into each other while trying to use a practice room at Suffolk, Luke Bergamini and Nico Renzulli quickly became friends and started playing together. While both students were multi-instrumentalists, Renzulli took care of the drums while Luke jammed out on the guitar. Bringing metal, classic rock, and blues influences along with them, they started searching for a bassist and a charismatic singer to add on to their jam sessions.Along their Suffolk class they found the theater and A Cappella backed singer, Nick Aikens and bassist Sean Egan. The four quickly settled on a direction and started playing and writing together.After a few months however, Egan decided to leave for personal reasons while still remaining friends with the band. With a growing list of upcoming shows, Bergamini found and recruited Esteban Cajigas to the band. With each member coming and growing up in a different part of the country, (Aikens from New Hampshire, Bergamini from New Jersey, Renzulli from LA, and Cajigas from Florida) all four members brought a different tone to the band, particularly Aikens with a pop-driven edge.With their self release of their "Get Some Sleep" EP and shows in Boston, New York City, Somerville, Jack Romanov is trying to get their name and sound out for anybody who is looking for a new band.

When: Dec 5, 2016 8pm in Allston, MA
Cost: $7.00

American Wrestlers

When: Dec 6, 2016 4pm in Allston, MA
Cost: $10.00 adv / $12.00 dos

Buy Local
Toro Sushi & Grill 
1245 Commonwealth Ave
Allston, MA 02134

The Toro Japanese Restaurant offers authentic Japanese cuisine with in-house sushi chefs preparing all of your favorites like the California roll, volcano rolls and its own Red Sox roll, mango-tango roll and alligator roll. The rest of the menu includes appetizers, salads, soups, teriyaki entrees, tempura entrees, stir-fries, noodle soups, fried rice & more.
About Allston, MA
Allston is a neighborhood of Boston Massachusetts. According to census figures over half of the population of Allston is aged 20-34 which is a clear indication of the strong college student presence. Nearby you will find Boston University, Boston College, MIT and Harvard University.

Allston MA is the only locale in the United States named for an artist - Washington Allston. The many musicians and music venues have given rise to the nicknames "Allston Rock City" and "Rock and Roll Allston".

The busiest part of the neighborhood is the stretch of Harvard Avenue between Commonwealth Avenue and Cambridge Street. It is here you will find many shops, bars and restaurants.