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John Ferullo- Fishken & Groves
John Hosts the twice monthly open mike. Fishken and Groves feature

When: May 26, 2019 6pm in Westford, MA

DVClub Boston - May 29, 2019 - Presenter: Jeremy Ridgeway

Please join us on May 29, 2019 at the Westford Regency for a catered lunch and networking. Jeremy Ridgeway of Broadcom will be our guess speaker. 11:30am—Door Open / Networking 12:00pm—Lunch / Presentation by Jeremy Ridgeway of Broadcom 1:00pm—Networking Presentation: "Want Functional Coverage Closure?  Don't Kneel Before the Almighty Random Constraint Solver" Previously, a testplan matched one-for-one to tests implemented in the testbench.  A passing test meant the testing scenario was verified.  With the onset of constrained random verification and its limited test suite, we have achieved a reversal of correlation: one test run equals many testing scenarios.  Function coverage, reported from within the testbench, monitors our verification progress.  We have also achieved a gap: testing scenarios we want to cover versus testing scenarios actually covered (reality).  Instead of simply running more tests, why not nudge randomization towards our goals first?  Cover our testplan and then let the constraint solver do its magic.  We present our SystemVerilog random variable container class library that enables exactly that: random variables with the flexibility to manipulate the constraint, or even to instantiate a totally new constraint, during simulation and without recompilation.  Coupled with a string parser with access to the UVM configuration database and command-line plusargs, constraints may be provided from anywhere in the testbench or on the simulation command-line.  However, the external test or sequence need not intervene as the random variable can autonomously manipulate its constraint to disallow random streaking.  Already hit that coverbin value?  Great!  The variable can make sure that value (or predicate) won’t happen again until all desired bins are hit.  Challenges still remain but leaving our program’s fate to the constraint solver doesn’t need to be one of them. Jeremy Ridgeway has nearly twenty years of computer hardware verification experience at all levels of abstraction and is currently focused on PCI-Express subsystem level verification.  His interests are in verification cycle management, test bench random variables, and functional coverage.  Jeremy holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Arizona, an MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama, and was, for a time, a PhD candidate in formal verification constraint solving at the University of Trento, Trento, Italy.   RSVP NOW and invite some of your colleagues!!

When: May 29, 2019 11:30AM in Westford, MA

KIDSTARTERS Kickoff: Westford, MA

Hey parents do you have a budding entrepreneur? Have they surpassed the lemonade stand in the front yard and are looking to start a REAL LIVE BUSINESS. Then this course is for them...and you too! Our kids are being inspired by the world around them!  Shows like Shark Tank have shown that  entrepreneurship is a real possibility, even at a young age. As much as we want to support our kids in their ideas, sometimes we are unsure of where to start and want to give them the tools to be successful.    Our KIDSTARTERS business workshop is the place for them! This workshop will give your KIDSTARTER the tools, strategies, and expertise they need to launch their business successfully and without spending a ton of money!  And they can complete it at their own pace, online! Join us on June 2nd, as we kickoff in Westford, MA!  We will share all details on our online course that will help your budding entreprenuer launch their business, and share some of the details of the final presentation and pitch contest to be held on July 20th where they can win cash and prizes! After the Kickoff, we will give share the details to sign up for the course! No commitment required to come to the kickoff! Just come and check it out! Through our course, we will help your kids create a plan of action to take them from idea to doing.  The topics will cover the important business fundamentals they need to know as they are launching to avoid costly mistakes, such as deciding where their focus should be, finding the right target market, marketing techniques,  business idea validation, branding, financing, and much more.  While we may simplify some of the terminology, we won't oversimplify the content- this is the real deal. We know that everything is so much better with friends, so we aim to keep this a tight-knit close community. Limited spots are available. There will be small group breakout sessions during the kickoff to get started on new ideas, and Q&A at the end to help answer your questions.   At the end of the online course your entrepreneur will have a plan, a workbook, and tons of online resources to help them launch and grow their KIDSTARTER business. ONLY AT KIDSTARTERS : We will have a business showcase in-person in Westford, MA after they complete the online course. During the showcase, KIDSTARTERS in our program will be able to share their business with the community and find new customers.  They can also apply to be a part of the Pitch-and-Play Pitch competition, where they can win valuable prizes and prize money to help them grow their business. Join us today!  Let your kid's idea get started with KIDSTARTERS! Online Course Topics Planning out your business - what areas do you need to focus on first? Learn the steps that you need to do to actually start your business. Who are your customers?  How can you reach them? Learn all about finding, narrowing down, and setting your target market and the best ways to reach them. What are others doing in similar businesses?  How does that change what you do? We will cover several strategies of a competitive analysis to help you stand out among the competition. What makes your business unique?  How will others learn about what you do? Your Go-To-Market Strategy is super important.  Learn how to use what makes your business unique to reach your target customers. Can you actually make money doing this? We will review the key financial information you need to keep track of so that you know if you can be profitable. Now that you have a plan, what are your next steps? FAQs What if my child is not ready to launch a business but wants to take the online course? We know that there is tremendously valuabel information in our course, so while we encourage everyone to use this opporunity to launch, it is not required and the course can be taken for the benfit of increased business knowledge. What can I expect after I register? You will receive an email from us after you register with detailed instructions for the kickoff, the online course, getting your workbook, course schedule,  and registering for the business showcase and pitch contest on July 20th. Do I need to attend the kickoff to be a part of the cohort of KIDSTARTER Entrepreneurs? While we recommend attending the kickoff, it is not required.  You can still register for the kickoff to receive access to the course, but please let us know that you will not be attending.  The kickoff is a valuable time to meet other members of the cohort and get a better sense of the program, so do your best to attend. Why does is say MOMolution is the organizer? KIDSTARTERS is powered by MOMolution, an online and in-person community for moms and moms that have started their own business.  More information on MOMolution is at www.momolution.com Who should attend? Kids ages 8-15 should plan to attend the kickoff with a parent/guardian. How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Please email info@momolution.com with any questions or concerns, we are happy to help! What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? Parking is readily available and free. Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? No, we will have digital check-in available.  

When: Jun 2, 2019 1pm in Westford, MA

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About Westford, MA
The Town of Westford was founded in 1729 as a town and is located in the Middlesex County west of Lowell and north of Concord.

Common places to visit in the town are the Nashoba Valley Ski Area and two town beaches on spring fed ponds. The towns' recreational activities include tennis and golf courses as well as skate parks along with lacrosse and football teams and many others.

Every year the town gathers to have an Apple Blossom Festival in May with a parade and the crowning of an apple blossom queen. There is also a Strawberry Festival in June that includes superb craft fair and strawberry shortcake.