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Chelmsford, MA - Local Guide to the Town of Chelmsford

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Chelmsford Events
New England B2B Networking Group Event in Chelmsford, MA
The New England B2B Networking Group will be hosting an exclusive business networking event in Chelmsford, MA,  on July 16th at Ready Real Estate located at 8 Chelmsford St. The event is from 8am to 9am with a $20.00 admission fee. Because space is limited to 10 people with no overlap of professions, you must register on Eventbrite if you would like to attend. No walk in registration is available. Each person will receive a few minutes to discuss their business followed by open networking. Coffee will be served. The New England B2B events focus on the B2B or Commercial market. The types of professions that attend include, but are not limited to: realtors, mortgage officers, attorneys, cpa's, financial planners, payroll companies, commercial lenders, commercial realtors, commercial insurance, coaches, health insurance companies, marketing and IT companies, business coaches, internet service providers, printers, promotional products, recruiters, HR Firms, CFO for hire, mobile phone providers, tradesmen. If you don't see a ticket for your occupation please email me at Kevin@newenglandb2bnetworking.com The great thing about these events are the attendees change each month. There are no attendance requirements and you are always meeting new people. I would like to thank Joe Ready of Ready Real Estate for hosting this event. Please check out their website at www.readyre.com To learn more about the New England B2B Networking Group and to see a list of upcoming events please visit our website at www.newenglandb2bnetworking.com  

When: Jul 16, 2019 8am in Chelmsford, MA

SAT/ACT Bootcamp - July 18, 2019

If you are taking the SAT or the ACT  you need to understand the strategies and tactics that will help you avoid the "traps" each test presents.. This "hands on" workshop will walk you through proven strategies for all sections of each test (ACT/SAT) and show you how to implement these strategies on test day to achieve a higher score.. In each workshop you will take "mini-tests" for each test section and you will learn: how to manage your time to maximize your score; how the test takers have designed the test to trip you up, and how to avoid those traps; specific strategies for each section of the test that will help you identify the correct answer in the shortest amount of time; how to avoid the careless mistakes that adversely impact your score; and, how guessing on certain questions can actually IMPROVE your score. This workshop is a MUST for any student taking the SAT or the ACT in 2019. You will leave this workshop with the knowledge you need to maximize your score and the confidence you need to perform your best.

When: Jul 18, 2019 12:30PM in Chelmsford, MA

Linda Marks

When: Jul 19, 2019 8pm in Chelmsford, MA

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About Chelmsford, MA
Chelmsford Massachusetts is a suburban industrial town located in the Merrimack Valley. The community of Chelmsford was established in 1653 and was a preserve for Christianized Indians. After the 18th century annexation of the Indian land Chelmsford experienced rapid growth when residents realized the fresh water fishing in the Merrimack and Concord Rivers and the good agricultural land along the rivers.

Chelmsford was a community of many specialties that included agriculture and grazing as well as dairying and orchards. There was also some lumbering and some small operations such as grist mills and lime quarries and brick yards. During the 19th century machine shops and a granite quarry that supplied the material for Quincy Market operated in Chelmsford.

Today Chelmsford is located along side Route 3 and therefore enjoys easy access to all points in Eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire and is supported by industry and the retail markets found in its shopping centers.