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Nautical Overnights at Battleship Cove
Did you know that Battleship Cove pioneered overnight camping on board naval vessels? It all began in 1972 when a Boy Scout leader asked Paul Vaitses, then Battleship Cove's executive director, 'Is it possible for my scout group to spend a night aboard?' Mr. Vaitses promptly replied, 'Absolutely!'

If your family is seeking a different kind of experience to enjoy together, the Nautical Nights Program is just what you're looking for!

For some it is an annual adventure steeped in history, patriotism and pride. It is not uncommon to see a father, who as a boy spent a night aboard the battleship, return with his son to repeat the experience. They trudge up the gangway carrying sleeping bags, pillows, backpacks (and an occasional teddy bear). They may be weary from their journey, but they're soon transformed.

What you Get
• Two days' paid admission with overnight lodging on board a National Historic Landmark
• Full, nutritious dinner, breakfast, and box lunch
served in the battleship's Officers' Wardroom
• Feature films shown on board Big Mamie
• A rotating schedule of knot-tying and Morse
Code classes, flag-folding presentations,
story-telling, and historical re-enactments
• A free 16-page souvenir guide with
a pull-out map of Big Mamie
• Free admission to the Marine Museum

The awesome size of the ship dazzles them. They gaze at the masts where the U.S. flag and an array of signal flags flutter proudly. They marvel at the 16' guns, the 40MM mounts, the turrets and the superstructure. You see it in their faces. They've never seen a ship so big and they say to themselves, 'I can't believe we'll be spending the night onboard!'

After stowing their gear, campers wander in wonder at everything Battleship Cove has to offer. The look of amazement turns to glee when they climb on the 40MM mounts and crank the handwheels. With imaginary shells bursting all around they fight off the enemy and save their proud ship. They scamper about, investigating the guns, ducking into the turrets, climbing on the mounts, sprinting up the ladders. . . exploring everywhere.
Fathers, grandfathers and uncles (some of them Navy veterans) proudly explain the workings of the ship. The enthusiasm and pride is contagious for this proud lady of the sea.

A visit to Battleship Cove is special. Spending an overnight on board one of the mightiest defenders of freedom truly is an unforgettable experience.

When: Apr 18, 2018 12am to Jan 31, 2019 12am in Sturbridge, MA

The Charlotte's Web Experience

This summer, Old Sturbridge Village and Brian Clowdus Experiences bring the beloved story of Charlotte's Web to life at the Freeman Farm with a live musical production based on the classic and beloved tale by E.B. White. This production is a reinvented version of the story, set in a timeless New England era that honors the 1830s but with a modern license to breathe fresh air into the story! In addition to the performance, tour the Village for a "Charlotte's Web Summer" where you can visit our adorable piglets, see costumed historians re-constructing the Allen Piggery, weaving and spinning yarn, blacksmithing, farming, making tin objects, and demonstrating other aspects of 19th-century life, and special exhibits. Both a show ticket and general Village admission (or a membership or season pass) are required to see the show.

When: Jul 5, 2018 12am to Aug 26, 2018 12am in Sturbridge, MA

Textile Weekend

Each year, Old Sturbridge Village explores a different aspect of 19th-century textiles. This year, the theme is "Repurposed, Refashioned and Reused," focusing on refashioned and repurposed clothing and textiles. Throughout the weekend, there will be gallery tours, a program on making reproduction textiles, and demonstrations like remaking and redecorating bonnets, refashioning an early 1830s gown with an updated late 1830s sleeve style and more! See demonstrations of remaking a gown, redecorating a bonnet, mending clothing, making a cradle quilt from a shawl, and using scraps to make a rag baby for a child. Learn about the layers of fashion in our Dressing Out program and discover how we create reproduction clothing in a talk called Making a Portrait Come Alive. On Saturday, August 18, there will be a special Mass Fashion program that will showcase re-purposed and refashioned items from the museum's extensive textiles collection.

When: Aug 18, 2018 12am to Aug 19, 2018 12am in Sturbridge, MA

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About Sturbridge, MA
The town of Sturbridge Massachusetts was founded in 1738 and is located in south central Massachusetts in Worcester County.

Sturbridge is well known for being the home of Old Sturbridge Village which was created to interpret the look of life in the early 1800s. Another charming part of town is the Town Common which is currently included in the National Historic District.

Homes as well as public buildings were built in the late 17th to early 18th century and have been outstandingly maintained to the point that they are very near to their original condition. Find local Sturbridge homes for sale and real estate listings where you could call Sturbride home.