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Southbridge, MA - Local Guide to the City of Southbridge

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Sandwich and Social
Join us to socialize with other business colleagues and learn how our non-profit day programs and small business models can benefit your business while creating employment opportunities for people withdisabilities.Our focus of integration, marketable skills training & job placement offers affordable, professional business services to local and national companies. See for yourself the variety of outsourcing solutions that the Center of Hope Foundation can offer your company at our next event.

When: Jun 25, 2019 12pm in Southbridge, MA


B2B B2B B2B... B2B!!!!! I say!!! Come get magicked with us and enjoy a wondrous musical experience 1000% ---- $5 of suggested donations & Do remember to tip your flippin Bartender; Alayla Veliz in case if she's working the bar our night or even if its #Taylor . . This helps us to keep our residency and everyone well taking care of.. You know that were about our business for our art form, do you?? We'd definitely appreciate your utmost support no doubt in return ----- #ExcellentMusicalServices Back at it again bringing you's much of the music movement dreams works.. Here in the residency (#VibrancyandAlchemy) we have not just us Empirical Leader Universe Productions ,, but a full DJ Rotation that will be giving the best of the best of our Edm, pitching to our lovely EdmFamily. . Working the decks we have me (Djwhiz Pk), (Joe Austin #DJFnFn), & (Luis Mckinstry #DJSadBoi).. We even throw in extra incentives for more alchemy and fun. Last time we had #DJRoots slay. So you just wont know what you'd get 1000%. . Don't know or have a clue?? Well then swing by and discover our universe ;) O:) Hope to see you all there!!!

When: Jul 9, 2019 8pm in Southbridge, MA

Stevie D& The Infinite Groove

When: Jul 12, 2019 9pm in Southbridge, MA

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About Southbridge, MA
The city of Southbridge was founded as a town in 1816 and is located in Worcester County area. Although a city government the community wishes to be known as "The Town of Southbridge".

Southbridge is a major manufacturing business in optical products and peripheral industries and is currently one of the world's leading centers for fiber optics technology.

The city of Southbridge offers the community a number of recreational opportunities. You can enjoy archery and horse back riding as well as a great outdoor skating rink and a number of golf courses, ball fields and country clubs.