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Southbridge, MA - Local Guide to the City of Southbridge

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Southbridge Events
Astro Sasquatch
Astro Sasquatch returns to Starlite to perform a full set of Jimi Hendrix songs and a set of our fun eclectic mix of tunes.

When: Mar 1, 2019 8pm in Southbridge, MA

Mr. Airplane Man & Fire in the Field

Mr. Airplane Man (Boston) is Margaret on guitar and Tara on drums. A mishmash of deep love for Mississppi hill country blues, Memphis weirdo rocknroll, drony VU and Stooges, and Boston garage beat and pop wonderment. http://www.mrairplaneman.com/ https://www.facebook.com/MrAirplaneManOfficial https://mrairplaneman.bandcamp.com/ Fire in the Field (Boston) immediately makes an impression with their furious style of heavy driving rock, pushing the boundaries of rock n roll with energy, depth and detail. Known for dangerous improv overlaid with poetry, the music is an honest attack on the soul played with a sense of urgency and unfettered passion. The bands signature endorphin-releasing, guitar-driven sound has a bluesmans swagger with a punk heart. www.fireinthefieldmusic.com http://instagram.com/fireinthefield https://fireinthefield.bandcamp.com/album/war-bonnet https://www.facebook.com/events/2012522852195459/

When: Mar 8, 2019 8pm to Mar 9, 2019 12:30AMin Southbridge, MA
Cost: 10 - 10 USD

Tipperary Road

It’s Always nice to be able to perform a local Gig. This a bar/lounge . Great way to continue your St. Paddy’s Day Weekend.

When: Mar 16, 2019 8pm in Southbridge, MA

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About Southbridge, MA
The city of Southbridge was founded as a town in 1816 and is located in Worcester County area. Although a city government the community wishes to be known as "The Town of Southbridge".

Southbridge is a major manufacturing business in optical products and peripheral industries and is currently one of the world's leading centers for fiber optics technology.

The city of Southbridge offers the community a number of recreational opportunities. You can enjoy archery and horse back riding as well as a great outdoor skating rink and a number of golf courses, ball fields and country clubs.