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The Society of Gentlebeasts - A Creativity Retreat for Men
As an artist, I've come to realize that distraction-free time with a community of like-minded people is the most precious creative element of all. Which is why, on the auspicious date of 2/20/2020, I'm officially opening up The Society of Gentlebeasts to the great wide world, and you, good sir, are invited. "The Society of Gentlebeasts?" you say. "Tell me more!" Indeed I shall. For those with a short attention span, here's the "too long, didn't read" version:Join us Thursday, February 20 - Sunday, February 23 for three days and three nights of being creative, sharing creations, and building camaraderie with an amazing group of dudes from all over the world, along with three delicious, locally-sourced meals a day, and a warm bed in a beautiful house rich with creative inspiration.  -- If that's all you need to know, then get your registration on by clicking on 'Tickets'. The early-beast rate of $475 (an incredible value) is available through November 17, then goes up to the standard beastly rate of $675 on November 18. And please note that this event is open to any human who identifies as a man, regardless of sexual orientation or biological origins. If that makes you uncomfortable, this isn't the event for you. If you'd like to know more, then read on!-- THE ORIGIN STORY In January 2019, seven men gathered to tap into and unleash that special blend of refined taste and unbridled wildness that every artist needs to make stuff worth making. We ate great food. We made great art. We shared by the fire and relaxed in the hot tub. We walked beneath the stars and howled at the sky and talked about life and purpose and what it means to be an artist and a man in the twenty-first century. It was f*cking awesome. Thus, The Society of Gentlebeasts was born. Today, the Society is both an event and an ever-growing group of men who are tired of being bound up my traditional norms of masculinity that leave no room for emotional honesty, artistic sensitivity, and hearty, intimate bro hugs.  The event is designed as a safe, encouraging space for men to come together, talk about art, make art, and be real without many of the social norms that keep us boxed in. Any creative project that makes you come alive is fair game. You might be writing a novel, writing original songs, creating visual art, working up architectural blueprints, developing a comedy routine, mapping out a business plan, writing your first poem ever, seriously WHATEVER ALL THE STUFF Your registration includes a warm bed, three delicious, locally-sourced meals a day, nearby hiking trails, and 3 nights and 3 days of camaraderie, creativity, and community. You'll leave on Sunday satisfied and inspired and probably a bit exhausted, but its the kind of exhaustion that comes after you've just put in all of your energy to something you really care about. It feels f*cking great :-) If this rings your bell, then sign up now and secure an early-beast spot before prices go up from $475 to $675! If you'd like to learn more, you can grab a 15-minute spot on my calendar and/or read on below for even more details. Until we meet, stay gentle and beastly, Andy Cahill -- - Founder and Facilitator, The Society of Gentlebeasts - - Transformational Coach at The Mindful Creative - - Storyteller and Songwriter - -- OVERVIEW AND FAQ: First off, please note that this event is open to any human who identifies as a man, regardless of sexual orientation or biological origins. If that makes you uncomfortable, this isn't the event for you. When will we meet? Thursday, February 20 - Sunday, February 23, 2020 (PLEASE NOTE THE NEW DATE - originally scheduled for 1/23 - 1/26) Here's an outline for the weekend: Arrive on the scene by 6pm on the Thursday 2/20/20 for a community dinner and artist showcase Rise early Friday morning. Meditate. Exercise. Eat well. Then take time on your own to MAKE STUFF. Gather for lunch to pause, connect, and share wins from the morning After lunch maybe take a nap. Maybe go outside for a hike. Maybe MAKE MORE STUFF Late afternoon = Feedback Labs. This is a chance to give and get input on each other's creative work Gather for dinner. Eat well. Drink modestly but of the best quality. Smoke lightly but of the finest and kindest. Post-dinner showcase/open mic. Share your STUFF with others. Sing a song. Read a poem. Run a stand-up routine. No feedback here. Just all the affirmation and encouragement you could ever ask for Go to bed, ready to rise early and do it all over again Saturday and Sunday, with the aim to depart after lunch on Sunday to return to the realms of the normals How much does it cost? The Early-Beast rate of $475 is the ultimate bang for your buck and is available until Nov 17th On Nov 18th, the price rises to the Standard Beastly Rate of $675, which is still a fantastic value On Jan 20th, you last-minute monsters can still get in while the getting is good for $775 Ticket sales close on Feb 10th, 2020 BED ASSIGNMENTS: If you want a guaranteed private room for the weekend please select the 'private room' add-on when you purchase your ticket. There are three private rooms on the grounds, and a guaranteed private room costs $200 extra. Otherwise, private rooms and larger beds will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on the date of your ticket purchase ACTIVE CLIENT DISCOUNT: if you're one of my active coaching clients, you're eligible for the special discounted rate of $400 PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS: I'm also offering a limited amount of private coaching sessions over the course of the weekend, available for an additional $250 What's included with my registration? 3 days and 3 nights of camaraderie, creativity, and community A warm bed Three delicious, locally-sourced meals a day If you've also purchased the private 1:1 coaching session (additional cost of $250), that will be included in your experience Why January?  The power and symbolism of the calendar new year Winter is lonely and long. Making and sharing art with likeminded souls really helps. Time enough for those of us with families and other commitments to plan in advance. But what if I don't think of myself as creative? I'm pretty sure you secretly do. But even if you don't, you actually are. So, if you have ANY project that's been on the back burner for too long (writing a novel, writing original songs, visual art, architectural blueprints, a comedy routine, a business plan, writing your first poem ever, seriously WHATEVER ALL THE STUFF) then this will be a good weekend for you to light a fire and get some sh*t done! Where are all the ladies at?  For all the advantages men have in the twenty-first century, one thing we don't have enough of are safe spaces to let down our guard and be real. This is a disservice not only to us men but also to all the women we cohabitate the world with. The Society of Gentlebeasts is a life-affirming retreat for men who are hungry to connect to those parts of themselves that make them feel whole and human, with the added hope that they'll return to the world with more capacity for creativity, honesty, vulnerability, and love Where will we meet? *PLEASE NOTE THE NEW LOCATION* Nine Mountain Retreat Center 9 Mountain St. Plainfield, MA 01070 home phone: 413-634-0321 https://goo.gl/maps/TD4N7EvYgxVgqQm36 Our previous venue got sold (boo!) to a non-profit (yay!) that supports adolescents with internet and video game addiction Things we'll have Bring Your Own tools for MAKING STUFF A collaborative, constructive, and affirmative spirit focused on helping each other MAKE STUFF Plenty of food The beautiful wilderness surrounding us A community ethos that prioritizes creative flourishing, mental wellbeing, and emotional honesty over mindless partying Things we won't have Big Egos Hard drugs Hard liquor Strippers Drinking games Fights  You in? Good. Then get your registration on and let's do this.

When: Feb 20, 2020 6pm in Plainfield, MA

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About Plainfield, MA
The Town of Plainfield Massachusetts was founded in 1807 and is located in Hampshire County.

Plainfield contains about 600 year round residents.

Those in the area are encouraged to stop at the Deer Hill State Reservation as well as the Dubuque Memorial State Forest for a relaxing day outdoors to enjoy the cool breeze and scenic views