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Jamaica Plain Massachusetts - Information and Business Directory to the Boston Neighborhood.

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Amazingly, there aren't any properties available for sale here right now. Clicking the link above will take you to real estate listings in other Massachusetts cities and towns.
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Jamaica Plain Events
School Year 2019-2020
When: Sep 5, 2019 12am to Jun 19, 2020 12am in Jamaica Plain, MA

Sunday: Candlelit Meditation + Sound Bath w/ Tara at First Church in JP (BRING YOGA MAT)

Sunday Renewal: Candlelit Meditation + Sound Bath w/ Tara Atwood at First Church in Jamaica Plain, MA BRING YOGA MAT!  Reduce S T R E S S, reduce P A I N and enter into R E L A X A T I O N with this unique Meditation and Sound Bath Experience with International Sound Therapist, Tara Atwood. Meditation + Sound Healing is a 2,500 year old wellness practice Room is surrounded with Tibetan + Crystal alchemy bowls Meditation and Sound Therapy are tools to bring the mind, body and soul back to harmony and bring us to a state of peacefulness Harnessing the power of the mind through Meditation and Sound is a profound experience backed by both Science and Philosophy A powerful combination of aromatherapeutic oils will be available to use from organic brand Amber Blue, to move and balance qi “energy flow” throughout the body and increases overall well-being Investment: $35, to be purchased in advance Offering Financial Assistance for Low Income Families + Senior Citizens  email: Tara@amberblue.com for details on reduced ticket price

When: Jun 7, 2020 5pm in Jamaica Plain, MA

Salsa For Beginners

Salsa For Beginners

When: Jun 11, 2020 8:30PM in Jamaica Plain, MA

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About Jamaica Plain, MA
Jamaica Plain is a neighborhood in Boston Massachusetts also known as JP and it is located between the neighborhood of Roxbury and the town of Brookline Mass.