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Jamaica Plain Massachusetts - Information and Business Directory to the Boston Neighborhood.

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Trans/forming Allyship
Trans/forming Allyship: From Awareness to Action for Trans Inclusion 3-part online training series DATES: Fridays February 5, 12, 19, 11am-1pm Central time / 12-2 pm Eastern It's more obvious than ever that racial justice and gender justice must go hand in hand. Trans/forming Allyship means that trans allyship is always intersectional. In this iteration of our 3-part Trans/forming Allyship intensive, we'll reflect on the current moment and how #BlackTransLivesMatter can be reflected in our allyship at every level. Sliding scale registration, $0 - $125 The sliding-scale registration fee operates on the "honor system," to keep the workshop accessible to people with a range of means. We trust you to select the price category that's fair for you. More about this workshop: You know you want to support trans individuals and communities, but you're not always 100% sure how to do that well. This is the workshop for you. Maybe you've been meaning to work on this for a while. Maybe being home with your family 24/7 is reminding you how much you don't know. Whatever the reason, we welcome you to learn and practice with us. In spite of increasing acceptance of transgender identities, trans community members still face intense stigma, violence and barriers to participation. Many parents, service providers, and community leaders have good intentions about trans inclusion - and, with a deeper understanding and expanded toolbox, they can build on those intentions to create truly trans-inclusive practices. This workshop is for anyone who is motivated to build their capacity to more effectively support trans people in their personal, professional and community contexts. Through a lively combination of short presentations, small- and large-group discussions, practical exercises and collaborative problem-solving, participants will: - Gain understanding of trans identities and experiences as they intersect with race and other kinds of identity - Examine personal, organizational, and community barriers to inclusion of trans people, especially multiply marginalized trans people - Develop strategies to support trans people in everyday interactions and in their professional roles - Plan next steps to put their allyship into action, while staying in touch with the needs and priorities of trans communities Accessibility notes: To access this workshop you will need a stable internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone. If you're not used to this kind of online environment, don't worry - we'll help you figure it out! We aim to keep the sessions accessible to the widest possible range of people. For example, almost all lecture content and all activity instructions will be presented both verbally and in writing, and all visual content will be described. If you need simultaneous captions for the discussions, let us know in advance and we can make it happen. If you have any other access needs that we haven't covered here, please contact us so we can figure it out together: kit@thinkagaintraining.com. Continuing Education: - This course has previously been approved for 6 Continuing Education hours by the National Association of Social Workers, Wisconsin Chapter, and for Social Workers, MHCs, and MFTs in Vermont, and for Social Workers in MA. If you want CEUs, let us know ASAP and we can renew those approvals! (This may require up to 4 weeks advance notice. We can also do other states but it might take even longer depending on the state.) About the trainers: TK Morton Ze, Zir, Zirs pronouns. TK is an educator, advocate, artist, and scholar. TK works primarily in Higher Education supporting and advocating for Black, Brown, Indigenous Queer Trans students. Ze is a Black Trans Queer Person born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, currently living in Saint Paul, MN. Ze is a dreamer and values deeply zirs ancestors and community. Ze centers Black, Brown, and Indigenous Joy and will bring it wherever zir goes! Ze is a lover of fashion, music, dreaming, and community! T.J. is an independent scholar, educator, and consultant, having spoken and consulted at hundreds of college campuses, conferences, and community-based organizations across Turtle Island. Motivated by intersectional and liberatory movements and lenses, he brings his personal, communal, and professional perspectives into all kinds of classrooms, and his reflective and dynamic presentations speak to a variety of audiences. His scholarship, facilitation, and advocacy center trans and queer people of colors experiences, perspectives, and leadership in achieving the democratic and liberatory potentials of higher education.

When: Feb 5, 2021 12pm to Feb 19, 2021 2pm in Jamaica Plain, MA
Cost: 0 - 125 USD

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About Jamaica Plain, MA
Jamaica Plain is a neighborhood in Boston Massachusetts also known as JP and it is located between the neighborhood of Roxbury and the town of Brookline Mass.