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Clinton, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Film and Discussion: Ninotchka w/commentary by JoAnn DiVerdi
In this romantic-comedy of opposites, Ninotchka (Greta Garbo), a cold, pragmatic comrade from the Soviet Union, arrives in Paris to ensure the sale of jewels seized during the Russian Revolution.

There, she encounters a member of the decadent bourgeois, Count Leon d'Algout (Melvyn Douglas).

Leon eventually leaves his paramour, the Grand Duchess Swana, original owner of said jewels, for the icy Ninotchka-who seems to be melting under his joie de vivre.

Politically, it's a unique moment in time for the United States.

She's wary but not yet fearful of the Soviet Union, not yet an ally, not yet a Cold War enemy.

Free of all such pressures, and with the enormous talent that came to bear upon its creation, Ninotchka continues to delight.

When: Feb 10, 2019 12am to Feb 10, 2019 12am in Clinton, MA

Amulets, Talismans, & Reliquaries: The Power of Adornment

Join artist and professor Kendall Reiss, and Museum of Russian Icons Registrar Laura Garrity-Arquitt for an engaging afternoon of close object-based exploration around themes of power, protection, religiosity, and found objects as material in art.

A presentation of examples of found object jewelry and adornments from a range of cultures and historical periods will offer context for the rest of the day's discussions.

Participants will be invited to closely observe a selection of objects from the Museum of Russian Icon's permanent collection and hear from registrar Laura on these objects relationship to larger themes of found, discarded, and recycled materials in art.

To complete the afternoon, the group will move into the West Gallery to view Konstantin Simun: The Sacred in the Profane, featuring sculptures by Russian born, Boston based artist Konstantin Simun whose found object works speak to this shifting materiality.

Throughout the day, participants can make written observations on the objects, ideas, themes, and information that resonate with them individually.

To close the afternoon, each participant will be invited to speak to the group about the connections and discoveries they have made while enjoying light refreshments in the auditorium.

When: Mar 9, 2019 12am to Mar 9, 2019 12am in Clinton, MA

Shot of Poison

See Shot of Poison bring the party to the http://www.simplemansaloon.com/ Simple Man Saloon for the first time! Showtime 8 PM.

When: May 4, 2019 8pm in Clinton, MA

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