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Chilmark Massachusetts - Information and Local Guide to the Town

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Learn new ways to say 'Welcome'
There's almost nothing better than a warm welcome. Anxieties are put to rest. Communications channels stretch open. And smiles light the way forward. Magdalena Gómez uses theater, dance and movement techniques along with words and writing to help participants open hearts and minds to new people and new experiences. This fun, playful and helpful interactive workshop, part of The House of the Seven Gables' Community Conversation series, is Wednesday, September 26, 6 to 8 p.m., The Gables' Visitor Center, 115 Derby St., Salem, MA. The event is free and open to the public. "These interactive activities are really about humanity," says Gómez. "We use tools like movement to build community despite language differences. It's about connecting with others without language. What we do is deeply human, engaging, fun, joyful and there is laughter." Gómez says this event will be accessible to anyone who comes and expresses an interest. "You don't have to be a dancer or theater person. What we do together helps to awaken ourselves to the idea that, yes, I am creative. It's about self-discovery, joy, being present." Those attending will have opportunities to pause and take stock. "We will look at the diverse meanings of 'welcome' and talk about how we can welcome into our lives the people, situations and things that heal and calm us, says Gómez. "Time for rest and reflection becomes increasingly elusive in our fast-paced society. Participants will create new ways to welcome more peace, people and experiences into their lives. Those planning to attend may wear loose, comfortable clothing, soft-soled shoes and their adventurous spirit!" Gómez says it's important to build empathy and connections. "There's so much stress. So much bad news. How do we create good news for ourselves.? And for those struggling in a new homeland? In fact, how do we survive without welcome? Well, actually, we don't. We're distracted, overworked, many of us underpaid. We face a barrage of stressors. All the more reason to pay attention to the act of 'welcome.' Welcome is another word for intimacy and connection." Magdalena Gómez is the cofounder and artistic director of Teatro V!da, www.teatrovida.com in Springfield, MA. She is a 2018 recipient of the coveted New England Public Radio's Arts and Humanity Award. Her most recent play, "ERASED: a poetic imagining of the life of Arturo Alfonso Schomburg," is a finalist (as of this writing) in the national Latinx Theater Commons competition. Her play, "Perfectamente Loca/Perfectly Insane," was a winner in 2015. Her poetry collection, "Shameless Woman," was published in 2014 by Red Sugarcane Press and is included in Latin@ studies syllabi throughout the United States.

When: Sep 26, 2018 12am to Sep 26, 2018 12am in Chilmark, MA

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About Chilmark, MA
The Town of Chilmark was founded in 1694 and is located in Dukes County on Martha's Vineyard.

Most of the land in Chilmark is dedicated to its residents and agricultural use. During the month of August the community has a Chilmark Road Race which is put together by volunteers who raise money for community purposes.

Visitors to Chilmark includes President Barack Obama has the First Family, but you should not only frequent it in the summer. During the fall season the weather is beautiful and the picture perfect ocean views make the town an amazing place to visit.