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Watertown, MA Local Information - Business Directory and Visitor Guide

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4 BedroomBR Rental - $3,800
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Watertown Events
Dirty Water “Friday” – Late Night (Blues)

Get your blues on late into the night with DJs Paul Loschak, Tanya Teal and Steven York!

When: Sep 24, 2016 12am in Watertown, MA

2016 迎新烤肉活動!

九月是個令人興奮的月份 雖然離開了家人和熟悉的地方 但是到了美國,可以跳出舒適圈,好好闖一闖! 9月24號,讓我們帶著歡樂的心情, 到Watertown烤肉迎新, 相信只要有美食和朋友們的陪伴,我們會不見不散! 美國,新英格蘭,歡迎你們大家! *在這邊貼心提醒大家,迎新活動的會場入口是在Arsenal Park,不是在旁邊的商場哦!*

When: Sep 24, 2016 11am in Watertown, MA


亲爱的中国科大校友及家属们你们好: 新学年伊始, 中国科大波士顿校友会年度大型户外烧烤聚会如期而至 。 烧烤活动本着迎接新校友,团结老校友的宗旨,已经连续成功举办了两年。我们力图打造波士顿科大人交流平台,在这里有刚踏足美国的新科大同学, 也有早已在美国立足脚跟大杀四方的资深科大校友; 新朋旧友,在永恒的东风下欢聚一堂。 在这里, 再次找到身在科大的感觉!活动安排如下: 时间:2016年9月24日(周六),11A.M – 4P.M 地点:Arsenal Skate Park, 485 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA 02472,可在红线地铁站Central Square Station换乘70路公交车抵达。 费用: $25/人(现场支付),$22/人(在线支付) 12-18岁少年:$5人, 免费(12岁以下 ) 请尽快完成报名。无论选择在线支付还是现场支付,都请一定报名注册。方便我们统计人数,购买相应的食材。 报名网址:https://goo.gl/forms/N4ymocBkgE9RG9Nq1 现场支付需要多付3美元,但无需网上交易手续费,希望大家备好零钱,选择现场付款。收费将用于购买当天的食物,餐具,其他必需品以及场地的预订费用。本次活动有所结余, 将用于未来的校友活动(职业沙龙研讨,科大校友年会,端午节龙舟赛等)。值得一提的是,在今年波士顿龙舟赛中,中国科大取得了中国大学校友组比赛铜牌的好成绩!  此外我们希望经济较好的校友考虑在我们波士顿科大校友会网站链接donation项目下,捐助多于15美元/人的票额,校友会的发展几乎完全依赖广大校友的捐款! 校友会各项活动开销,物资购买,收支记录会公开给参加活动的校友。 如有意见或建议,请联系:bostonustc@gmail.com 现场联系人:戴晨光,617-803-6536 中国科大波士顿校友会 9月24日, Arsenal Park, 期待您与科大, 您与波士顿的再次相逢!

When: Sep 24, 2016 11am in Watertown, MA

Buy Local
Molana Persian Cuisine 
5 Spring Street
Watertown, MA 02472

Molana Restaurant Providing delicious and healthy choices of Persian food, outstanding service at a good value. They use the best USDA choice cuts of beef, lamb & chicken, plus the world's best known Indian basmati rice & the freshest hand picked vegetables.
About Watertown, MA
Watertown Massachusetts was founded in 1603 and was one of America's largest settlements in that time. Watertown quickly became an important center for trade, commerce and industry.

Watertown once served as the temporary seat of government during the Revolutionary War. Paul Revere, who once resided in Watertown actually printed the first money for the Province of Massachusetts here.

Canvas sails for the U.S.S. Constitution were woven here at the old Bemis Mills and the renowned Stanley Steamers and the black Crawford stoves were manufactured in Watertown. Just outside of Watertown Square on Mt. Auburn Street is where the first Star Market store was opened.

Watertown is strategically located just 6 miles northwest of Boston and has easy access to all major highways in eastern Massachusetts. Providing an extensive public transportation system that includes rail and bus lines which provide access to the Logan International Airport and the world.

On April 19, 2013 the whole world was watching Watertown, MA as the Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev was arrested after a day long manhunt that shut down the City of Boston and the surrounding towns while law enforcement went door to door searching for the suspect. It ended when a resident on Franklin Street reported that they found bloody evidence that the suspect was hiding in a boat parked in the back yard of the home.