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BCSBD Winter Session
When: Apr 1, 2017 12am to Dec 31, 2017 12am in Cambridge, MA

YWCA Cambridge

When: Apr 1, 2017 12am to Dec 31, 2017 12am in Cambridge, MA


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When: Apr 28, 2017 12am to Nov 1, 2017 12am in Cambridge, MA

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About Cambridge, MA
Cambridge Massachusetts is known for a unique mix of cultural and social diversity rich with history and you'll find local information within the city guide. Cambridge is home to renowned establishments of higher education-among them Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Select from the list of categories to find local businesses and local community information.

Over one fourth of its residents are college students and one sixth of all its jobs are in higher education. More than just a college town, Cambridge has long been an industrial innovator and at one point it was the third largest industrial center in the Commonwealth. Former factory buildings now house cutting edge firms focused on the latest emerging technologies.

Students from 64 different nations attend the public schools and 46 different languages are spoken here. The city is located along the Charles River just to the west of Boston. It is accessible to the world through its many public transportation options. It is also accessible via major roadways which include Route 2 and the Mass Turnpike (Interstate 90).

An out of town visitor can expect to enjoy one of Cambridge's many parks, attend one of its numerous cultural festivals, shop in its many retail areas that include Harvard Square and Central Square and dine in any one of its top shelf of neighborhood restaurants.