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Somerville, MA - Local Information - Business Directory and Community guide to Somerville Mass

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Independent Film Festival Boston
Independent Film Festival Boston discovers emerging talent and celebrates the leading edge of cinematic story tellers. IFFBoston is committed to sharing global films with community and showcasing Boston to visiting artists, as well as introducing them to savvy audiences and ideal locations for future films.

When: Apr 26, 2017 12am to May 3, 2017 12am in Somerville, MA

Strangers by Accident

When: Apr 27, 2017 7pm in Somerville, MA

Tool Training: Laser Cutter 2017

Event Time: Laser Cutter training is generally available one weeknight and one weekend evening every month. See drop-down menu for specific dates and times available. Description: Learn how to safely operate Asylasaur - the Artisan's Asylum laser cutter! Asylasaur is a 100W CO2 laser cutter built by the Artisan's Asylum community based on the Lasersaur open source laser cutter project. This 2-hour basic training class will cover some basics on how laser cutters work and review operating procedures for the laser cutters, including information on the variety of different materials that can be used in the machines. Testing will be required before students can use the tool independently as members. Note this is not a modeling class, and will not teach students how to create designs to cut. To learn more about modeling and design, check out our offerings on our classes page. Class Goals: Students will: Understand principles of laser cutting and etching Learn what makes materials safe to use in the laser Learn how to set up, shut down and clean the laser cutters Learn how to user LasaurApp, the front end application for the cutter Be prepared to deal with problems that may arise while using Asylasaur Be able to reserve Asylasaur and use it independently. Be able to exchange meaningful "Pew pew!" exclamations with other laser pilots. Prerequisites: No prior experience is required to operate the machine. Students without experience working with Inkscape or other 2D modeling software will need to investigate working with vectors or take additional classes (listing available here). Students must be at least 18 years old. Materials Provided: Tools and materials for a small project will be provided. What to Bring: Students should bring something to write with/on if they would like to take notes but slides will be provided to students after class. Instructor Biography:   Tom holds a diverse background in design, engineering, business, and sociology. His past experience includes engineering work and design, programming, web design, and project administration. He has also sat on the board of directors at MakeIt Labs, a makerspace in southern NH. As the Facilities Manager at Artisan’s Asylum, Tom’s goal is to guarantee the organization’s capabilities are well maintained, in terms of maintaining existing infrastructure, providing organizational support to shop leads, and providing assistance in community coordination activities.      ARTISAN'S ASYLUM STUDENT POLICIES   After you buy your ticket here on Eventbrite, please register in Artisan's Asylum's system: https://artisansasylum.com/membership/registration/   Purchase of a ticket expresses acceptance of A2's Refunds and Cancellation policies found here: https://artisansasylum.com/classpolicies/   Attending class FAQ: https://artisansasylum.com/attending-classes/ Support our mission! Donate here: https://artisansasylum.com/donation/   Students: we love getting your feedback! Fill out this form to be heard! 

When: Apr 27, 2017 7pm in Somerville, MA

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Medford AC Hotel by Marriott 
95 Station Landing
Medford, MA 02155

The AC Hotel by Marriott in Medford is located near the Wellington MBTA station for easy public transportation access to Boston, Cambridge and Somerville. Walk over to The Shopps at Station Landing or to Assembly Square just across the Mystic River bridge.
About Somerville, MA
Somerville Massachusetts is located just northwest of Boston along the divide between the lower Charles and Mystic River watersheds. The easy access to Boston and Cambridge by public transportation and it's great parks and neighborhoods, makes Somerville a perfect choice to settle down and call home. Search local Somerville homes for sale and join the local community.

Closely built two families and triple-deckers fill the city to house its dense and diversified people. Today, Somerville is a mix of blue-collar families, young professionals, college students and recent immigrants. It is known for its large number of city squares which help mark neighborhood boundaries. Among those most active today are Davis Square, Union Square, Ball Square, Teele Square and Magoun Square.

In its earliest history Somerville served as the grazing lands for the residents and farmers of Charlestown and had only a few scattered permanent settlements. This is a sharp contrast to the Somerville of today which is comprised of 4.1 square miles of residential homes and commercial properties.

Somerville was established as a town in 1842 and its population grew in leaps and bounds from that time forward. Many of the new settlers worked in the brick yards producing as many as 1.3 million bricks a year by hand or 5.5 million with a new press. At its highest point in production the town was turning out 24 million bricks being made in 12 brick yards in the city.

By the end of 1851, heavy industry was prominent here and was soon followed by rolling and slitting mills, iron works and manufacturers of steam engines and boilers. With the establishment of the street car lines, Somerville's population again exploded growing to six times its number between 1870 and 1915. The scale of the meat packing industry earned Somerville the reputation as the Chicago of New England. The city's population reached its peak during the Second World War when almost 106,000 people were said to create a density greater than that of Calcutta!