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Chris Ramsey
When: Apr 12, 2017 7:30PM in Shrewsbury, MA


Why so stressed? Is it work, a relationship, exhaustion or a combination of stuff?  Stress is an integral part of our life experience. When tension builds up… if we don’t release it, we can become like a pressure cooker on the verge of exploding. So, when stress takes over, it’s essential to: Relieve: Find easy ways to release the tension and increase your positivity. Reduce: Know your stress triggers to understand and deal with them. Resolve: Why wait for the stress to build up? Build your capacity to handle life! Join us for tips on how to relieve, reduce and resolve your stress

When: Apr 15, 2017 3pm in Shrewsbury, MA

2017 Spring Paintball Games

When: Apr 29, 2017 12am to Apr 29, 2017 12am in Shrewsbury, MA

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Bishop Electric  
127 Grafton Street
Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Bishop Electric quality residential, commercial & Industrial electrical contractor services. The staff of Bishop electricians bring decades of experience to both small & large projects. Competitive rates, 24-hour emergency services and free on-site estimates.
About Shrewsbury, MA
Shrewsbury MA was founded in 1727 and is located in the Worcester County in Central Massachsuetts. Shrewsbury leather industry was began in 1786 following was the gunsmith operations in 1797 which produced shotguns and pistols and later cutlery.

Find local business, event listings and Shewsbury homes for sale in the area. Shrewsbury community events include a large 4th of July celebration and spectacular summer concerts.

Recreational activities at Dean Park in Shrewsbury is the perfect setting for baseball, tennis and soft ball, and the kids playgrounds are well maintained. Winter snow skiing comes alive every winter at Ward Hill on the Northborough town line.