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Medford, MA - Local Information - Homes For Sale - Business Directory to the City of Medford

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3 BedroomBR Condominium / Co-opCondo - $439,900
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Medford Events
Tufts' Drama presents The King Stag
THE KING STAGBy Carlo GozziAdapted and directed by Natalya Baldygain collaboration with Daniel McCuskerAngela found the love of her life and was preparing to live happily ever after. But now her beloved king has been enchanted and his evil advisor has taken over the kingdom! What’s a girl to do? Welcome to Carlo Gozzi’s magical fairy tale of love and laughter, of transformation and treachery. Delighting audiences since its premiere in eighteenth-century Venice, The King Stag combines hilarious physical comedy with theatrical beauty and charming romance. Will good triumph over evil? Can love really conquer all? And what’s up with the mysterious parrot that’s popping up everywhere? Join us in this fantastical world of magic and intrigue to find out! A magical comedy for all ages.

When: Feb 24, 2017 8pm to Feb 24, 2017 10pm in Medford, MA
Cost: $1 - $15

MentorCon 2017

Want to learn about startup culture and success? How to lead an engineering team? Better interviewing skills? Finish off E-Week at MentorCon 2017! MentorCon is a great way to form the connections you need to launch your career, as well as earn last minute E-Week points for your major. Come for the included Lunch, the experienced speakers, and two chances at winning an Amazon Echo Dot! Want more information on the event? Check out the event poster!

When: Feb 25, 2017 10am in Medford, MA

Parm Crack

Saturday, February 25th 3PM
Whole Foods Market Medford, Free

Join us for our annual Parm crack and try some free samples of the King of all cheeses!

When: Feb 25, 2017 3pm in Medford, MA

Buy Local
Donald Norton - The Norton Group, Inc. 
699 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144

Choose the proven 33 years of experience and knowledge that Donald Norton can provide when buying, Selling or Leasing Commercial property in Medford Mass. Donald Norton is a life long local resident and Broker/Owner of The Norton Group real estate agency.
About Medford, MA
Medford Massachusetts was settled in 1695 and became a city in 1892. Located just northwest of Boston, Medford is a very desirable place to live. Search local Medford homes for sale to find your next dream home and join the Medford community.

The economic history was based on the ship building trade in colonial times. Ship building was begun by Thatcher Magoun who used lumber harvested from the Fells and New Hampshire which arrived via the Middlesex Canal. After the ship building industry reached its decline printed cloth and carpets, linseed oil as well as rum and hats became the major products in Medford as did education with the founding of Tufts University in 1852. Because of its industrial prosperity Medford doubled its population every 20 years from 1870 to 1910.

To this day Medford is a well populated city in a very convenient location filled with many suburban neighborhoods. However it still retains a rich architectural heritage containing many historic sites which include monuments and houses-some of which date back the 17th century.