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Holden, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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4 BedroomBR Single Family HomeSingle - $300,000
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The Nudie Suits
When: Oct 29, 2016 8pm in Holden, MA

The Nudie Suits

When: Nov 12, 2016 9pm in Holden, MA

WE & the DAWG debut at the Blue Plate!!!

"WE & the DAWG" makes their debut! after Mrs Jones retired from the stage to start a family, Bruce Reed (the DAWG) has taken over the helm on vocals! He was formerly from Worcester favorite bands Big Dawg and Tornado Alley, and is still going strong! Bruce brings to this band a cool, souful funky sound that you just don't find out there. WE are thrilled he's back on stage!! The WE band has the incredible piano & organ sounds of Jim Heffernan, the rock solid drums of Bill MacGillivray, funky & wailing guitarist Dan Hunt and holding down the bass Gail Hunt. Don't miss their big debut gig-- you won't be able to stay seated!!!

When: Nov 18, 2016 8pm in Holden, MA

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Holden Martial Arts
20 Zottoli Road
PO Box 204

Holden, MA 01520

About Holden, MA
The Town of Holden Massachusetts was founded in 1741 and is located in Worcester County.

Holden contains about 16000 year round residents.

Holden is a residential town with a limited business district. Townspeople feel an importance to keep the small town “charm” as well as the need to expand the industrial and commercial business.