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Gosnold - Local Information and Business Listings to the Cape Cod Island Town

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About Gosnold, MA
The Town of Gosnold was founded in 1846 and is located in Dukes County. Gosnold is made up of small islands known as the Elizabeth Islands which form the boundary between Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound.

Cuttyhunk Island is also part of Gosnold which is the outermost Island of the Elizabeth Islands in Massachusetts, Penikese Island and Nashawena Island are the other Islands located in the area.

The island has a land area of 2.35 kmē (0.9065 sq mi, or 580 acres), and is the fourth largest in area of the Elizabeth Islands and home to the majority of the population of the town of Gosnold, Massachusetts.

Gosnold is the one of the smallest and least populated communities in Massachusetts. The gaps between the islands are known as "holes". Woods Hole is the most famous and most traveled of them all. At the end of the islands is Hadley Harbor which is extremely popular for boating.

The islands around Gosnold provide unsurpassed beauty, peacefulness and relaxation.