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Fairhaven, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Land - $189,000
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Fairhaven Events
Skate for Stephanie Lynn
Skate for Stephanie Lynn Skating Raffle prizes for all ages 50/50 raffle Music and more... 100% of proceeds goes to Stephanie for her future medical and rehabilitation costs. Stephanie Rodriguez is in the fight of her life. This beautiful, young nurse, and mother of a teenaged young man, suffered serious brain injuries in a recent car accident and has endured several surgeries in attempts to stabilize her condition. She has been in a a local rehab hospital, struggling to regain control of her functions. Stephanie will require long-term acute care for the foreseeable future, and the costs of her current and future care is a burden that her family will strain to provide. Any help that you could provide would be very appreciated, as we embark on a long and stressful journey to bring Stephanie back for her son and other loved ones. Your generosity is appreciated greatly. (edited/update from GO-FundMe)

When: Aug 13, 2017 12pm to Aug 13, 2017 2pm in Fairhaven, MA
Cost: 4.4 - 6 USD

David J. Tessier

Harrifest! We will be performing an ENTIRE Beatles album from start to finish! Details soon!

When: Oct 14, 2017 12pm in Fairhaven, MA

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About Fairhaven, MA
The Town of Fairhaven was founded in 1812 and is located in the Bristol County area.

Fairhaven has a number of festivals and parades throughout the year for example there's the Feast of Our Lady of Angles which is a Portuguese feast that includes Portuguese and American food, arts and crafts and much more.

Historical points of interest include the Rogers Building and Fort Phoenix. Take the 90 minute tours and learn about the European style buildings as well as the Civil War history in the town.