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Dracut, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Dracut Events
Electronic and Appliance Recycle Day in Dracut
Electronic and Appliance Recycle Day in DracutSaint Marguerite, 1340 Lakeview Ave., Dracut MASaturday September 10, 9am-2pm Bring these items to the parking lot:Computer towers, Scanners, VCR, Copiers,DVD, Stereo Equipment,Computer Tower, Lighting,Vacuum, Answering Machine , Fax, Speakers, Compact disc.,Circuit Boards , Radios, Record Players, Modems,Word Processor,Fans, Video equipment, Game Console, Xbox, etc.,Tape Players, Typewriters(Anything with a plug and more)...$5 ea.Dishwasher, Dryers, Stoves, Microwaves, Ex. Equipment, Lawn Mowers, Dehumidifiers, Snow Blowers,Vacuum, Small Engine Items, etc...$10 ea.Glass Monitors, Flat Panel Monitors, etc...$10 ea.TV's: 15-30Ac....$15, Refrigerators..$20Scrap/Junk Metal....$10 car loadCables, Keyboards,Car Batteries ,Cell Phones...No FeeAlso included: Bicycle Recycle Day, no fee.Bring your unwanted old or new bicycle and drop it off, it will be reused again. Mountain,Road,BMX, Cruiser, Old ( 1940's to current)/New, Kids, etc.Our aim is to keep bikes from being thrown out when they can be reused.(We can pick up bicycles if you cannot get them there)Questions: Please contact Dennis Wood 508 277 7513.

When: Sep 10, 2016 9am to Sep 10, 2016 2pm in Dracut, MA


Chix rock locally! This is a fun venue on the water...very cool staff and patrons. Aerochix play 2 full sets of music! https://www.facebook.com/events/555799887959054/

When: Sep 10, 2016 9pm in Dracut, MA

Collect & Sort Donations at Catie's Closet

Sponsored by: Catie's Closet
Minimum age: 15
Volunteers will assist in our Distribution Center accepting donations and sorting, hanging and folding clothing that is then distributed to school partners. From these school Closets, students in need are able to select the clothes they like as well as need in a safe, wecloming, and discreet space . . . . . .

When: Sep 17, 2016 9am in Dracut, MA

Buy Local
Brother's Pizza II 
101 Broadway Rd.
Dracut, MA 01826

When you're in the mood for good times and great cuisine, be sure to check out Brother's Pizza II. The menu at Brother's Pizza II features a wide array of great selections, made from only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.
About Dracut, MA
Dracut is a suburban industrial town located on the outskirts of Lowell and southern New Hampshire. The town has several large ponds and numerous brooks and because of this Dracut’s early economy relied a lot on fishing.

There has been intense modern development in Dracut because of suburban residential pressures from Lowell. Some of its rural landscapes are still intact especially along the state boundary as are some of its handsome historic houses.

Driving through Dracut you can still come across some truly beautiful rolling pasture landscapes that continue to operate as farms complete with livestock and crop growing.