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Winchendon, MA Local Information - Business directory and guide to the Town of Winchendon

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Murdock MS: NEB Summer Planning Days (August 19 &20)
This two-day series on August 19th and 20th is for Summit Teachers from Murdock Middle School and will run from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm each day.  NE Basecamp’s Summer Planning Series is designed to support schools in planning for the upcoming school year.  Based on work with school leaders ahead of time, we tailor each series to the needs of each school. Please be sure to bring your laptop and charging cord to be able to fully participate in the session.  Water and coffee will be provided throughout the day. Lunch will be provided.  The temperature varies in our training center so you will likely be most comfortable when wearing layers. Our front door is located on the backside of the 150 Main St. building near the small parking lot.  Parking is available in the overflow lot on the left-hand side on Roosevelt Ave. See the parking map here. Some additional information about our Summer Planning Series: Our Summer Planning Series supports new Summit teachers. For the schools we support who use Summit Learning, our Summer Planning Series is imperative.  We find that teachers who are new to Summit benefit from extended training after they attend the training led by Summit, and before the school year begins.  Traditionally, we’ve seen that new Summit teachers benefit from extended supported interaction with the Summit platform as well as curriculum/course mapping.  We also provide additional time to internalize the different components of Summit Learning from an instructional standpoint - particularly Project Time and Self-Directed Learning / Personalized Learning Time (SDLT/PLT).   Our Summer Planning Series supports returning Summit teachers. Teachers returning to Summit also benefit immensely from our Summer Planning Series.  Summit typically makes many changes from year to year yet does not provide training for returning Summit teachers.  Our series ensures these teachers are ready to start the year familiar with the platform and curricular updates. Our training supports returning Summit teachers in pushing their practice further.  It also leverages these returning teachers to support the new Summit teachers at their schools as leaders in norm-setting and other crucial components of Summit. Our Summer Planning Series supports other school initiatives. For the schools we support who do not utilize Summit Learning, or who have a partial implementation of Summit and want the rest of their staff to also benefit from the Summer Planning Series, we offer programming related to Project Based Learning, Classroom Management, and more.  We can also create programming aligned to your school’s needs.

When: Aug 19, 2019 8:30AM in Winchendon, MA

Murdock Whitney & Isaac Morse House Ghost Hunt

The haunted history of New England resonates strongly in the town of Winchendon, MA. Two of the most haunted and historical locations stand side-by-side! The Murdock-Whitney House and the Isaac Morse House have lured in paranormal investigators from all corners of the globe. You can take their word for it, or you can investigate yourself! The Murdock-Whitney House was built in 1850 and the Isaac Morse House was built in 1775. With centuries of history, you can imagine the lasting impressions that the living and the dead have made upon these homes. It is said that a woman roams the corridors of the Murdock-Whitney House, watching closely over those that have come into her home. She is very protective of all the things in the house and becomes extremely agitated when people enter her bedroom. You can hear her disembodied footsteps throughout the house and it is not uncommon to hear her pacing back and forth on the third floora place that the staff even refuses to visit alone! At the Isaac Morse House you are likely to encounter children laughing and playing. This is no surprise since the first owner of the home, Mr. Morse, fathered 15 children within the walls! Lights turning on and off of their own volition, disembodied voices, creepy EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), shadow figures lurking in the darkness, footsteps, doors opening and closing, objects moving, piano music playing in the middle of the night, full-bodied apparitions of an elderly woman and young childrenthese two beautiful historic homes hold a plethora of evidence just waiting to be documented by you! The only question that remainswill you be brave enough to undergo a lone vigil on the third floor?!?! Location History: Two of the most historic and haunted locations in New England stand side-by-side in Wichendon, MA. The quiet beauty of the Murdock-Whitney House and the Isaac Morse House speaks of days long pastexcept for the spirits that still reside within their walls! Elisha Murdock, founder of E. Murdock Company, built the family home in 1850 for his wife, Rohanna and their three children: Ellen, Sophia and George. The youngest of the family, and only son, met a young demise at the age of seven. When Sophia inherited the property circa 1900, she made many additions to the original home blending classical and Victorian styles. It was a warm and inviting home decorated and constructed in fine elegance. The spacious renovations allowed plenty of room for the lengthy visits of extended family as well as for entertaining friends. Sophia was known for her recitals where she would play her Chickering Concert Grand Piano. Although the fine instrument has long since been donated to a local church, it is rumored that sometimes you can still hear the eerie tones of someone playing echoing throughout the home in the twilight hours of the morning. For five generations the beautiful house was a home for the Murdock-Whitney family until December of 2000 when upon the owners death it was bequeathed to the Winchendon Historical Society. With such a rich history, it is easy to understand why the family still watches over the property making certain that all who visit are entertained. Right next door you will find the Isaac Morse House that was first built in 1790 by Robert Ruggles. Isaac Morse, born in 1775, was the father of 15 children. His first wife, Miriam, bore ten children and his second wife, Frances gave birth to five. Morse was a very influential man in Winchendon up until his death in 1860. In 1939, the home was bought by Dr. Alton Skelton. It remained in their family until his second wife, Evangline, sold the house to the Porters in 2007. Today it belongs to the Winchendon Historical Society and serves as the Gift Shop. On the property there are several antiques and artworks that lend to the haunted credibility of the house. Steeped in history, you will not want to miss the opportunity to explore its depths and seek out the spirits that are waiting to tell you their stories! Additional Information: Your ghost hunt at The Murdock Whitney Mansion and Isaac Morse House includes the following: Overnight Exclusive Access, Access to both Haunted Locations, Brief Location History Tour, Psychic Medium Vigil* (if psychic present), Group Vigils With Experienced Investigators, Lone Vigils, Overnight Ghost Hunt, Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Readers, Free time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils, Unlimited Refreshments, Including Coffee, Bottled Water and Soda, Selection of snacks.

When: Sep 27, 2019 8pm to Sep 28, 2019 3am in Winchendon, MA
Cost: 149 - 149 USD

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About Winchendon, MA
The Town of Winchendon Massachusetts was founded in 1764 and is located in Worcester County.

Winchendon contains about 10000 year round residents.

The town is an industrial and residential highland community.