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Whitman, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Whitman Events
Vendor and client interact expo
Want to learn a new skill? Join us this summer for the expo where clients and vendors interact. During the expo, each vendor will host a 15-minute session dedicated to teaching attendees one new industry skill.  Some of our interactive sessions: Make-up artist: Brow shaping tutorial. Best lipstick for skin tones. Trending beauty tips tricks. Florist/ floral artist: Best flowers for event themes. Tutorial on choosing the best flower combination for a bouquet. Making a flower crown. Balloon artist: Latest balloon trends/colors, how to connect balloons together. DJ: How to get everyone on the dance floor. Best music for different events.  Planner: Current/ trending party themes. Stress less event planning. Centerpiece design.  Caterer: Quick demo on dressing a quick appetizer bite. Easy recipes to follow. Baker: How to make chocolate covered strawberries. Easy dessert choices for parties. Best way to slice a cake. Dancer teacher: Learn and practice a new dance move. Tailor: Must have kit for wardrobe malfunction. Tie a tie. Fitting tips. Photographer: How to pose for the best picture. Tips on taking headshots.  Hair stylist: Simple hair accent pieces to elevate your look. How to make a messy bun look cute. Tips and tricks for beautiful ponytail. Wellness: Simply activities for well-being. Meditation tips. Take care of yourself first. Quick tips to de-escalate stress. Essential oils and their use. Affirmation writing tips. Personal trainer: Quick exercises to start your day. One exercise to correct your posture. Useful exercise apps to know. If you would like to be vendor, contact us. Kid friendly.

When: Jun 28, 2019 6pm in Whitman, MA

Bon Jovi & Mötley Crüe Night At The Whitman VFW Pavilion

Living On A Bad Name and Diver Down have performed together several times over the years and it has proven to be a home run for 80s rockers. World-renowned guitarist Ethan Brosh is featured in the Bon Jovi tribute, LIVING ON A BAD NAME. This band has members who have performed in the bands Steelheart, Stryper and Fifth Angel. The only band ever selected to perform in Bon Jovi's place in concert! SATD, Maine's longest running Mötley Crüe tribute, makes the trip down to get the crowd fired up Opening Act- Ransom, a four piece cover band of veterans with a very fun setlist. * The Van Halen Tribute originally slated to perform ran into a conflict making the 6/28 appearance in Whitman impossible. Please contact the and for ticket reimbursement if that is not a suitable concert lineup for you and you purchased based on the Van Halen tribute. All reimbursement requests honored until May 1, 2019

When: Jun 28, 2019 6pm to Jun 28, 2019 11pm in Whitman, MA
Cost: 20 - 20 USD

The Community Well

The Community Well was created out of a need to bring wellness to the South Shore community. Wellness that dives a little bit deeper than most wellness events. Wellness that welcomes and can encompass everyone. We invite you to an afternoon of meaningful topics, deep discussion, and a sense of community. So many of us are dealing with health issues, both visible and invisible, or know someone who is, and it's important to stay educated on the things that can affect you/them. Through the voices of experts in their respective fields, our speakers hope you leave the event feeling a bit more empowered on your own journey. The afternoon will consist of five speakers covering the following topics: Healing chronic illness symptoms through nutrition Clean beauty, environmental toxins, and self love Meal prepping and the great role it plays in your health Pregnancy and postpartum Treating mental health from trauma and depression holistically Alongside our speakers and discussions, you'll also have a chance to browse mix of eclectic local vendors and their products, while interacting with your community. We hope you'll join us! Meet the Speakers! Lindsay Bileau, CHN Lindsay Bileau is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with associated certifications in Nutrition and Wellness Consulting, MS Fitness and Wellness, and Vegan Sports Nutrition, through AFPA. Lindsay was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in February 2016, and has treated her symptoms holistically through diet from the beginning. She has been symptom and relapse-free for almost three years. Healing herself helped fuel her passion to help heal others, and so Lindsay launched her holistic nutrition business, Holistic Curative, earlier this year. When she is not working on her business, you can find Lindsay spending time with her husband and their dog, or spreading positive vibes on her social media accounts for Lindsay Makes Lemonade. www.holisticcurative.com Instagram - Holistic Curative Facebook - Holistic Curative Instagram - Lindsay Makes Lemonade Facebook - Lindsay Makes Lemonade Kathryn Jarrett, PT, DPT, MS Kathryn Jarrett is a mother, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Clean Living Coach, and Green Beauty Advocate. She has worked as a physical therapist for many years and is an adjunct professor at Northeastern University in Boston. Her passion to serve has drawn her towards educating others on ways to balance the scale in life. More health, less toxins. More self love, less struggle. Kathryn delivers information on ways to limit environmental toxins and improve overall quality of life. She offers small, easy applicable suggestions that create a big impact.  Instagram - A Pretty Balance Facebook Group - A Pretty Balance Nikkie Munstis Nikkie Munstis is an avid meal prep guru, photographer and nutrition enthusiast. She got into meal prep a few years ago and within the last year, has started to take it to another level in a quest to change her unhealthy relationship with food, into a healthy, stable and sustainable passion. Being diagnosed with multiple thyroid nodules after going through testing, biopsies and more; she realized something major needed to change. After reaching out to work with Holistic Curative and embarking on a new health journey, she enrolled in school and is currently working at becoming a Holistic Health Coach, Nutritionist and Weight Management Specialist, so that she will have the tools and knowledge to not only help herself, but also help others. She is hoping to show people how to have a balanced and healthy relationship with food, how to prepare meals with daily, weekly or monthly prep, and to show them that food doesn’t have to be bland or taste awful in order to heal.  Meal Prep has helped her mentally and physically, and she hopes to share and teach this passion to anyone she can. Instagram - Garlic_and_Grinds Facebook Group - Garlic and Grinds Ella Goldberg. MPH, LCCE For so many of us, pregnancy, birth & parenting are a huge part of life! And yet, we don’t always find the time &resources to prepare ourselves for this journey or to get the support we need. This is exactly how Ella felt while she was working a full time+ job, commuting and pregnant, it is also what eventually brought her to complete her Masters in Public Health and become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator shortly after her son was born in 2016. Ella is passionate about getting women and their partners the information needed to make empowered decisions during his season of life. She teaches evidence based classes about pregnancy, birth preparation, postpartum and early parenting and wants you to know that contrary to what you may have been told in the past, you DO have options in all these experiences and your choices DO matter - for you, your children and your entire family! www.ellagoldbergbirth.com Instagram - Ellallie Facebook - Empowered With Ella Patti Ieraci Patti is a survivor of child and adult sexual assault. Being a survivor launched her into becoming an advocate for other survivors of sexual violence. Patti is part of a non-profit organization in CT called Jane Doe No More where she volunteers as an Outreach member and sits on the Advisory board as a co-chair to the advocacy committee. She has a strong desire to help others move through their trauma by using holistic and body-centric, physiological approaches. Some of these techniques are grounded in self care such as mediation, and exercise. Patti is currently pursuing a master’s of science in Human Services and Counseling with a focus in trauma and mental health, as well drug and alcohol counseling. She lives with the philosophy that there is life after trauma, we just need to help one another. www.feedthetraveler.com Instagram - Feed The Traveler Jane Doe No More Meet the Vendors! Kasey's Kitchen Bringing an at-home, DIY approach to organic plant based and holistic immune boosters. Mixed with clean, balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle skills to naturally support the body in reaching optimal wellbeing. Sharing her scratch made, herbal packed golden spice blend with plant based milk, and elderberry gummies. She will be sharing recipes, instructions, and samples with tons more information on how to empower the South Shore family in taking health and wellness back into their kitchens and homes. Facebook - Kasey's Kitchen Looking and Feel FAB Looking & Feeling FAB's mission is to provide comfort and relief, through integrative therapies, alleviating side effects, and improving quality of life. Come on by our table and hear about our chemical free safe products or purchase a bracelet so we can continue to provide these much needed services to those with cancer. http://www.lookfeelfab.org/ Instinctive Parent Instinctive Parent is a natural parenting boutique in the South Shore. We offer the only cloth diaper service in the area, we also offer Babywearing consultations and a unique selection of products for pregnancy and postpartum and baby. https://instinctiveparentshop.com/ Sacred Trailer Sacred Trailer offers personal growth vibes within a vintage camper turned retail space, providing the best resources around for personal development books, journals, card decks, intentional jewelry made locally, local artwork, healing crystals, holistic remedies and more. Instagram - Sacred Trailer Facebook - Sacred Trailer A Pretty Balance Kathryn Jarrett from A Pretty Balance will be there educating us on the CRUNCHI Collection, which is a toxin free line of luxury cosmetics and skin care products. We are a community of Advocates working together to educate others on the importance of detoxifying our lives. A Pretty Balance Facebook Group Sniff, Sip, & Salty Table Nicole Lawrence will be presenting Young Living Essential Oils and all of the benefits and ways to use them! She will be joining withThe Hale Bone Broth and Duxbury Saltworks, showing ways essential oils can be used with your every day diet to give you a renewed vitality to your life. https://www.youngliving.com/en_US http://thehalelife.com/ https://duxburysaltworks.com/ Scout & Cellar Wine Scout & Cellar Wine offers organic, clean-crafted win from small family owned farms and vineyards throughout the world. They are handicked by a Level III sommelier and are third party lab test to ensure they are free of synthetic pesticides, preservatives, additives, and chemicals. All of the wines are low sugar, low in sulfites, and are keto/paleo friendly. https://scoutandcellar.com/KristenMurphy Instagram - Discover The Uncorked Good

When: Aug 24, 2019 1pm in Whitman, MA

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About Whitman, MA
The Town of Whitman was founded in 1875 and is located in the Plymouth County area. It is named for its local resident Augustus Whitman and is sometimes referred to as “Boston’s Historical South Shore”.

Whitman is home to the invention of the Massachusetts State cookie which is the chocolate chip cookie. It was first baked and served in the Toll House restaurant. Whitman is also home to Peaceful Meadows Farm which is known for their ice cream and has been voted THE best ice cream in the state of Massachusetts.

The town also hosts a Fourth of July Field Day at the park with art and crafts and pie eating contests and other events. It's fun all day and there is something for everyone.