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Land - $48,000
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Beefsteak hosted by Start Line Brewing Co. at Samuel Slater’s
A tradition built around beef, beer, and the absence of plates, napkins or forks.
A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Masonic Angel Fund.Hosted by Start Line Brewing Company. Reservations available at 7:00, 7:15, and 7:30 PMJoin us for a feast of:
Meat candy, 
French fries, 
Grilled pork tenderloin, 
Smokey lamb meat balls, 
Parmesan fingerling potatoes, 
Brown sugar pork steamship (carved table side), 
Red wine braised calf’s liver, 
Mini tuna sliders, 
Shrimp cocktail, 
Smoked chicken wings, 
Roasted leg of lamb, 
ENDLESS BEEF TENDERLOIN! The Beefsteak tradition…
Beefsteaks got their start in New York as blue-collar fundraisers for political campaigns and causes. The settings were humble, with most beefsteaks being held in community halls, bars, and basements (fondly called “dungeons”). By the 1940s, the tradition was entrenched enough to acquire two distinct styles, East Side and West Side. East Side beefsteaks are the standard to this day, with the focus on the beef, bread, and beer. West Side beefsteaks were a bit more refined; one famous venue offered crabmeat appetizers and even provided forks to eat them with. Instead of plain white bread, the steaks were served on hot toast. But both sides celebrated eating with one’s hands and maintained that their style was the most traditional.

When: Jan 30, 2019 7pm to Jan 30, 2019 10pm in Webster, MA

The Rockin' Robin

When: Feb 13, 2019 2pm in Webster, MA

The Rockin' Robin

When: Apr 10, 2019 2pm in Webster, MA

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About Webster, MA
The Town of Webster Massachusetts was founded in 1832 and is located in central Massachusetts in Worcester County on the Connecticut border.

Most of the town's water activities take place on the fresh-water, five mile long Lake Chargoggagaggmanchaugagoggchaunagung-amaugg which also happens to be the longest place name in the United States! Water activities include fishing and water skiing as well as swimming and much more.

Located on the shore of the lake is the well known "Indian Ranch" which is the New England home of Country Music. It continues to draw visitors from all over the northeast region. Find local Webster homes for sale and real estate listings and you can call Webster your hometown.