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Cooper Jones Band
Cooper Jones Starts at 4PM

When: Aug 10, 2019 4pm in Montague, MA
Guided Mushroom Foray
$35 per person Pre-registration is required. Maximum of 18 participants. Specific location in Montague, MA TBA to pre-registered attendees. Please expect to receive an email at least 24 hours before guided foray with directions to our meeting location! NOTE: This foray contains terrain that can be slippery, wet and technical. Please take caution and only sign up if you are up for an adventure!  Join Ari Rockland-Miller of The Mushroom Forager for a guided foray introducing gourmet and medicinal wild mushrooms of autumn. We will explore rich woods of the Montague, MA area to pursue the distinctive and delicious mushrooms on the ForageCast, including winter chanterelles, black trumpets, and porcini. Participants will receive a September ForageCast handout for the region, steering us towards a safe, targeted and fruitful foray. We will also discuss guidelines for ethical wildcrafting. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any workshop due to poor conditions or weather. In the event of cancellation we'll always provide at least 24 hours notice and a refund in full. We plan our workshops to align with peak foraging season as much as possible, but the nature of hunting gourmet wild edibles requires an element of unpredictability and chance. We will not cancel for rain alone (we're mushroom hunters, after all - drought is our bigger concern!) but thunderstorms may result in cancellation.

When: Sep 21, 2019 10am in Montague, MA