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School Year 2019-2020
When: Sep 5, 2019 12am to Jun 19, 2020 12am in Jamaica Plain, MA
Sunday: Candlelit Meditation + Sound Bath w/ Tara at First Church in JP (BRING YOGA MAT)
Sunday Renewal: Candlelit Meditation + Sound Bath w/ Tara Atwood at First Church in Jamaica Plain, MA BRING YOGA MAT!  Reduce S T R E S S, reduce P A I N and enter into R E L A X A T I O N with this unique Meditation and Sound Bath Experience with International Sound Therapist, Tara Atwood. Meditation + Sound Healing is a 2,500 year old wellness practice Room is surrounded with Tibetan + Crystal alchemy bowls Meditation and Sound Therapy are tools to bring the mind, body and soul back to harmony and bring us to a state of peacefulness Harnessing the power of the mind through Meditation and Sound is a profound experience backed by both Science and Philosophy A powerful combination of aromatherapeutic oils will be available to use from organic brand Amber Blue, to move and balance qi “energy flow” throughout the body and increases overall well-being Investment: $35, to be purchased in advance Offering Financial Assistance for Low Income Families + Senior Citizens  email: Tara@amberblue.com for details on reduced ticket price

When: Jun 7, 2020 5pm in Jamaica Plain, MA
Salsa For Beginners
Salsa For Beginners

When: Jun 11, 2020 8:30PM in Jamaica Plain, MA
Patty Keough- G.S. Picard

When: Jun 18, 2020 8:30PM in Jamaica Plain, MA
Salsa Class - Open Level
Salsa Class - Open Level

When: Jun 18, 2020 10pm in Jamaica Plain, MA
Illegal Crowns - POSTPONED
** This event has been postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We are working on a reschedule date for 2021. ** One of Mandorla Music's 2019 high points was our September show with the Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet. It was a beautiful evening of creative music, palpable camaraderie on the bandstand and an enthusiastically engaged crowd, and it came days before longtime sextet member Mary Halvorson was announces as a 2019 MacArthur "genius" grant winner. It's an honor to welcome Mary, Taylor Ho Bynum and Tomas Fujiwara back to Mandorla Music and back to Hope Central Church, this time with French pianist Benoît Delbecq. Together they are Illegal Crowns, described by Bynum as "a group both old and new, music accessible and experimental, a name revolutionary and royal. Four individuals and one ensemble, in the kind of harmony that needs no resolution." Writing for Point of Departure, Ed Hazell observes that the foursome "improvise and interact with relaxed alertness, finely judging time, texture, line, and ensemble density to make music comprised of separate personal voices that cohere into a lively whole. Their every gesture is defined, specific, and placed within the flow of music so it harmonizes with what surrounds it. Sure theres tension and release and dissonance and noise, but theres never a clash or an element out of place.

When: Jun 27, 2020 8pm to Jun 27, 2020 9:30PMin Jamaica Plain, MA
Cost: 20 - 20 USD
Salsa Styling
Salsa Styling - ladies and Bodymovement

When: Jun 30, 2020 8:30PM in Jamaica Plain, MA
Summer Session 1: Super Sleuths Mystery
When: Jul 6, 2020 12am to Jul 10, 2020 12am in Jamaica Plain, MA
English High AM - Week 1
When: Jul 6, 2020 12am to Jul 10, 2020 12am in Jamaica Plain, MA
More Info TBA

When: Jul 12, 2020 3pm in Jamaica Plain, MA