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Franklin Massachusetts - Local Information to the Town Franklin MA

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When: May 20, 2018 12am in Franklin, MA

David Penza

Hosting Friday Night Open Mic at The Alumni in Franklin Ma. Come on down for a fun night of Music, Great Food and Drink! Come to Play .... Come to Listen!

When: May 25, 2018 8pm in Franklin, MA

Jodi Cat Thompson

When: Jun 2, 2018 8pm in Franklin, MA

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About Franklin, MA
Franklin Massachusetts is a suburban industrial community nestled between the Charles and Blackstone Rivers and is 22 miles southwest of Boston. Settlement of Franklin came late in 1676 and its early years had settlers involved in small farming and grazing. The town's abundant water power made for early industrial development. Soon there were cotton mills and boot and shoe manufacturers established in Franklin but the dominant industry from 1799 on was straw bonnet manufacturing.

In 1778 Franklin renamed itself to honor Benjamin Franklin and although over 30 communities in the colonies did that, Franklin Massachusetts was the first to do so. In return Ambassador Franklin showed his appreciation by sending the town a library of 116 volumes thereby making Franklin the first town in history with a public library!

Franklin is a center of a wide spectrum of architectural styles that have been proudly preserved in the town. Visitors will have the pleasure of seeing Greek Revival and Italianate buildings as well as High Victorian Gothic and Second Empire and Queen Ann styles.