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Futurama Trivia Night
Let me axe you some questions: What's the name of Fry and Bender's apartment complex? Who is the true ruler of Amazonia? What does Zoidberg trade all of his stock in planet express for? How does Kif's species procreate? Come compete in challenges and enjoy a fun night of music from one of our favorite TV shows, Futurama! We'll have some futuristic beers on tap, a themed menu from Brato Kitchen, and the winning team will receive rad themed prizes!

When: Mar 28, 2019 7pm in Everett, MA
Trivia at Short Path Distillery
Bring your friends and join us for Trivia every Thursday at 8pm. Team up with groups of up to 6 people to compete for gift certificates. Questions range from pop culture to geography to the natural world and everything in between. Delicious cocktails available for purchase. Bring your own food or buy snacks from behind the bar. RSVP does not guarentee admission in the event that we reach capacity.

When: Mar 28, 2019 8pm in Everett, MA
We Are Hydrogen - A Tribute To Phish
We Are Hydrogen is becoming New England's premiere Phish tribute band. Raw energetic early-mid 90s type shows. Shock and persuade your soul to join us soon $7adv $10dos

When: Mar 29, 2019 7pm in Everett, MA
Geek Speed Dating at Down the Road Beer CO
When youre at a pop culture convention youre surrounded by like-minded people, but sometimes meeting folks can be complicated but not when youre in a setting designed just for that. Geek Speed Dating is a fun way to quickly meet and get to know some of your fellow fans, and who knows, you might just develop a very important relationship in the process. Sign up now! We will be at the Down the Road Beer CO during PAX East weekend! There is limited space for 40 people. There will be 20 tickets for Males and 20 tickets for Females available. There will be timed dates during the event, up to a maximum of 20 dates. At the end of the event, daters will be able to safely give their information out to potential matches More details will be available at the event or on the Geek Speed Dating Social media pages. www.facebook.com/thegeekspeeddating Also with every Female ticket purchase, you will get a drink ticket This is a 21+ event.

When: Mar 29, 2019 8pm to Mar 29, 2019 10pm in Everett, MA
Cost: 10 - 10 USD
Speakeasy Donuts Popup!
Speakeasy Donuts will be bringing their donut deliciousness to Bone Up Brewing Co. on Saturday, 3/30 from 3-6pm whiles supplies last! No tickets required, just pay as you go! Donut menu will be posted at a later date!

When: Mar 30, 2019 3pm in Everett, MA
Beer & Empanadas @ Bone Up Brewing
Dominican-inspired pastelitos (fried empanadas) made with local artisan ingredients are taking over the taproom! Meat, vegetarian, and dessert options available. No tickets required, just pay as you go! Menu:- Cheesy Beefy - 100% Black Angus roasted beef seasoned with local herbs, cheddar cheese, smoked gouda- Morning Glory - eggs, roasted ham, cheddar cheese- Cubano "Jamon y Queso" - Slow roasted pork with local herbs, roasted ham, Swiss cheese, smoked Gruyere, house made relish, topped with spicy tomato aioli- Tri-Veg - Shiitake, cremini, portobello mushrooms braised in red wine and garlic, braised black beans with local herbs, roasted corn, smoked cheese, and a touch of dark chocolate- Royale - Nutella, strawberry, banana, marshmallow, topped with powdered sugar and drizzled chocolate

When: Mar 30, 2019 6pm in Everett, MA
Playing Dead at DTR Tap Room
Playin' Dead is a Grateful Dead tribute featuring former members of Dark Star Orchestra, The Knot and Uncle John's Band, and has a repertoire spanning the entire 30-year career of the Grateful Dead. Take a long strange trip and hear why the music has never stopped! 21+ 7pm Doors $10avd $15dos https://www.facebook.com/playingdeadlive The music of The Grateful Dead is a complex stew of different styles of music including rock, blues, jazz, folk, bluegrass and more. Their improvisational style and large repertoire guaranteed that every musical performance would be unique. Every Playing Dead show is equally unique featuring different set lists each night and exciting improvisational jams.

When: Mar 30, 2019 7pm in Everett, MA
Taproom Yoga
Join us for yoga in the Taproom! The admission fee covers a group session with a Core Power instructor and your first beer from the tap. We will also have a food vendor here when the Taproom opens serving up some of their finest eats. Follow us on Facebook and check out our web calendar for the food truck schedule!

When: Mar 31, 2019 10am in Everett, MA
Primeiro campeonato de vídeo game do Oliveiras! Fifa 2019 /ps4
1 Campeonato de Videogame do Oliveiras De Everett Fifa 2019

When: Apr 1, 2019 7pm in Everett, MA
Cycles epitomize the power-trio format with ripping guitar, fat bass grooves played out through furious slapping, and dynamic drum beats flowing over intricate tempo changes. Each member wields a unique take on their instrument that when played together, forms a truly fresh and cohesive sound. Patrick Harvey commands the guitar with speed and precision reminiscent of Jimmy Herring while using his loop pedal virtually as its own instrument, a skill unique only to him. Michael Wood has subtly forged a drum style that showcases his rare ability to mashup funky hip-hop beats with frenzied rock riffs and only displays flashy technique when necessary while implementing the creative use of various sound-modulating drum triggers. At the heart of the band lies Tucker McClung’s dominant slap-bass chops that captivates audiences and pumps the musical blood through the band. m.me/cyclesmusic1 cyclesmusic21@gmail.com http://cycles.band Cycles Music cyclesmusic https://soundcloud.com/cycles-4 https://twitter.com/CyclesTheBand

When: Apr 4, 2019 7pm in Everett, MA