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Winthrop, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Winthrop Events
Winthrop HS Varsity Football vs. Danvers HS
When: Sep 8, 2017 7pm in Winthrop, MA

Moms & Music Fall 1 Session 2017 (Winthrop)

Moms & Music™ is more than just a music class. Children will develop social skills, practice turn-taking, build their vocabulary (verbal and sign language), learn to follow simple directions, and develop their attention span all while they sing, play and have fun! I’m a mom and an early childhood educator, and I love music! Put these ingredients together and you’ve got Moms & Music™: classes for children and their caregivers (moms, dads, nannies, grandparents, etc.) that offer a fun social setting where everyone can grow happily! And the secret is, the children only know they are having fun! Each class structure is as follows: 1. Interactive Songs: A set of 10-12 songs that include ASL sign language, props, books, movement etc.  We begin and end each set with a name song for social development.  We also practice turn-taking and develop our attention span as we sing, learn and play.  Each session (Fall 1 and 2, Winter, Spring) there is a new set of songs we will learn together! This is your special time with your little one so plan to have your hands free and get ready for some special bonding and connection.  I like to think of Moms & Music as a special date for you and your child. 2. Parachute Play: This includes a 12' parachute that we gather around while playing games and singing songs and working on gross and fine motor skills as well as listening and social skills. 3. Free Play: We conclude each class with about 15 minutes of free play with props such as shakers, scarves, balls, bubbles and more while listening to a variety of recorded music such as classical and jazz!  It's also an opportunity for children and adults to socialize, explore, and have fun getting to know one another.  Moms & Music is all about developing a supportive community of friends!   FAQ:   Can I bring my baby to class with my older toddler? Yes!  If you have registered your older child and have a baby that is 4 months old or younger your baby can attend with you for free!  Once your baby starts to wake up more then you can register both children individually. Can I give my child a snack during class to help him sit still? Though I too have used snacks to help my young children stay still longer this is not a practice we want to use during Moms & Music class.  Food is a distraction from the skills and language development we work on during class.  And with so many possible allergies, we want our classes to be safe and fun for everyone! What if I miss a class because my child is sick or we are out of town?  Missing a class or two is very typical, things can come up with children and that is fine!  You will not get behind in anyway and we will look forward to your return.  We do not offer make-up classes. How can I teach my child more ASL sign language?  This is one of my favorite questions!  Talk to me any day right after class and I would be happy to discuss some easy ways to teach more ASL to your children as well as other resources that might be helpful! What are the benefits of teaching my child ASL sign language?  This is my other favorite question!  There are so many benefits but just to name a few: decreased frustration of baby and parent; increased expressive and receptive language; increased socail skills; increased spelling and reading skills in older children who learned sign language and more!  Talk to me any day after class or email me and I would be happy to direct you to some wonderful research on the many benefits of teaching your children sign language.  

When: Sep 13, 2017 10:30AM in Winthrop, MA

Joseph's Hope: A Benefit Concert for Scholarships

Come join us for the party of the fall: live music sets the stage for a fun evening of silent auctions, kids games, food, and more.  Let’s make some joyful noise as we celebrate Hope. All proceeds benefit the Epilepsy Foundation. Joseph Francesco Salituro was just 27 when he lost his battle with epilepsy 6 years ago. This third annual concert honors Joseph, with his dad Francesco, mom Vicky, and siblings Eric and Michelle.  The concert’s proceeds benefit Epilepsy Foundation New England’s Scholarship Fund which offers financial assistance to people who live with epilepsy and seek post-secondary education or vocational training. “Dear Epilepsy Foundation New England,  I am so honored to have been awarded this scholarship.  The past two years have not been easy, but with the help of this scholarship I hope to start strong at University in the fall.  When you have epilepsy, it is easy to feel like you are alone in your struggle, but going to the scholarship presentation was amazing as I met other students who go through similar and even worse experiences, and it was amazing to see them all coming together, it makes you feel like you have your own community.  In the future, I hope to donate to your organization to help students achieve success as they go through similar experience." - Opera singer, neuroscience student, 2017 scholarship recipient, person with epilpesy, age 17

When: Sep 16, 2017 4pm in Winthrop, MA

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About Winthrop, MA
Winthrop Massachusetts is an Oceanside town located just northeast of Boston near Logan International Airport. The town is named after John Winthrop who was the second governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Winthrop is one of the oldest towns, settled in 1630.