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Williamstown, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Williamstown Events
Exhibition: Haymarket, The Soul of the City
Haymarket, The Soul of the City presents images by photographer Justin H. Goodstein, as well videos featuring the sights, sounds, and voices of Haymarket that reflect the stories of long-time vendors and more recent immigrants who have created a diverse cross-section of cultures at the site. Interviews conducted by Historic New England's Ken Turino document the market's history, special holiday foods, and specific challenges facing the market today. In association with Historic New England, the Haymarket Pushcart Association (HPA), and photographer Justin H. Goodstein.

When: Sep 15, 2016 12am to Oct 30, 2016 12am in Williamstown, MA

Canstruction 2016

Boston-area architects, engineers, contractors, designers, and students attending schools of architecture, engineering, and design participate in this annual charity event in which teams compete to display colossal sculptures made out of canned goods Founded in 1992, Canstruction's mission is to highlight the issue of hunger across communities, collect food for distribution to thousands and to showcase the creativity of the design industry. This year's theme is Journey into Space! After the sculptures are dismantled, all the canned goods will be donated to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank in Lowell, MA.

When: Oct 9, 2016 12am to Oct 28, 2016 12am in Williamstown, MA

Log Lunch: "How it Pays to go Green: Renewable Energy Tax Credits 101,"

Steve Hibbard, Project Manager, Renewable Energy Investment @ US Bank CDC.  Reservations ($4)  thru url:  https://goo.gl/forms/gBMYtlyqm4An9sJq1 or dlewis@williams.edu.

When: Oct 28, 2016 12pm in Williamstown, MA

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About Williamstown, MA
The Town of Williamstown Massachusetts was founded in 1765 and is located in Berkshire County in the northwestern corner of the state.

Williamstown is home of the Sterling and Clark Art Institute which houses one of the worlds largest collections of Renoir as well as other impressionists. The Williams College Museum of Art has fine collections as well. Williamstown Theatre Festival which operates during the summer months brings marvelous Broadway and Hollywood performers to the town.

The town is acknowledged by Norman Crampton in his book The 100 Best Small Town in America which ranked Williamstown as the 18th best American Small Town, the only community in Massachusetts included in the top 100!!