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Williamstown, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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An Inner World: Seventeenth-Century Dutch Genre Painting
An Inner World features seven exceptional genre paintings by Dutch artists working in or near the city of Leiden in the seventeenth century. Genre paintings, or scenes that take everyday life as their subject matter, flourished in the Dutch Republic in this period. Explored through the theme of an inner world, the works in this focused exhibition represent figures in interior spaces and individuals in moments of study, contemplation, and quiet exchange. Paintings by Gerrit Dou (1613-1675), Gabriel Metsu (1629-1667), Domenicus van Tol (c. 1635-1676), Willem van Mieris (1662-1747), and Jacob van Toorenvliet (1640-1719) demonstrate the artists' sustained interest in the illusionism of space, candlelight, and painted surfaces. By encouraging a focused--and intimate--experience, this exhibition presents new ways of looking at tradition and innovation in genre painting in Leiden. In the seventeenth century, the city of Leiden became known as a center of fijnschilders, or fine painters, as a result of the innovations in subject matter and technique developed by Gerrit Dou. One of the most admired and successful artists in Holland, Dou established a manner of "fine" painting in small-scale, meticulously rendered works, often depicting figures set in an illusionistic stone niche. Included in this exhibition is the Clark's newly restored Woman at a Window (c. 1655), which displays Dou's precise brushwork, evocative use of light and shadow, and brilliant handling of different surface textures. An Inner World is the first exhibition to display the Clark's painting with genre scenes by Dou's contemporaries, presenting the opportunity to consider how artists responded to and modified Dou's themes and painting style. An Inner World brings together paintings from the Clark's collection and The Leiden Collection, a private collection in New York. Installed in an intimate gallery within the Clark's permanent collection galleries, it complements and enhances the Clark's sixteenth- and seventeenth-century cabinet paintings by Dutch, Flemish, and Italian artists.

When: Mar 5, 2017 12am to Sep 17, 2017 12am in Williamstown, MA

Robert Rauschenberg: Autobiography

When: Mar 17, 2017 12am to Aug 20, 2017 12am in Williamstown, MA

Picasso: Encounters

Picasso: Encounters explores Pablo Picasso's (1881-1973) interest in and experimentation with large-scale printmaking throughout his career, challenging the notion of Picasso as an artist alone with his craft. The exhibition includes important paintings on loan from the Musée national Picasso-Paris. The exhibition addresses his expansive formal vocabulary, the narrative preoccupations that drove his creative process, the often-neglected issue of the collaboration inherent in print production, and the muses that inspired him, including Fernande Olivier, Olga Khokhlova, Dora Maar, Françoise Gilot, and Jacqueline Roque. The exhibition begins with Picasso's seminal Self-Portrait (1901) from his Blue Period as a representation of the artist's mythic isolation. The painting, on loan from the Musée national Picasso-Paris, is followed by thirty-five of the artist's most important graphic achievements, ranging from the Clark's rare impression of The Frugal Repast (1904)--Picasso's first major statement in printmaking--to Ecce Homo, after Rembrandt (1970), executed three years before his death. Picasso continuously mined his personal life for subject matter. The exhibition includes the captivating 1923 drypoint portrait of his first wife Olga, the playful image of his daughter Paloma (1952), and the heartrending aquatint of his embittered second wife Françoise Gilot (1952). The exhibition also explores the intertwined narrative threads of the Minotauromachia (1934), The Large Bullfight (1935), and Weeping Woman I (1937). Four Weeping Woman prints are accompanied by Portrait of Dora Maar (1937), the revered oil painting on loan from the Musée national Picasso-Paris. Maar was Picasso's muse and served as his model for the paintings, drawings, and prints of weeping women produced in the 1930s. Picasso's final years, during which he transformed the compositions of Old Masters from Rembrandt to Cranach to Manet, are represented by linocuts such as Portrait of a Young Girl, after Cranach the Younger, II (1958) and Luncheon on the Grass, after Manet (1968). Picasso: Encounters is organized by the Clark Art Institute, with the exceptional support of the Musée national Picasso-Paris. Additional support for the exhibition is provided by Margaret and Richard Kronenberg and Marilyn and Ron Walter. Image: Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973), The Weeping Woman, I, 1937. Drypoint, aquatint, etching, and scraper on paper; sheet: 30 1/2 x 25 5/8 in. Private Collection © 2017 Estate of Pablo Picasso / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

When: Jun 4, 2017 12am to Aug 27, 2017 12am in Williamstown, MA

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About Williamstown, MA
The Town of Williamstown Massachusetts was founded in 1765 and is located in Berkshire County in the northwestern corner of the state.

Williamstown is home of the Sterling and Clark Art Institute which houses one of the worlds largest collections of Renoir as well as other impressionists. The Williams College Museum of Art has fine collections as well. Williamstown Theatre Festival which operates during the summer months brings marvelous Broadway and Hollywood performers to the town.

The town is acknowledged by Norman Crampton in his book The 100 Best Small Town in America which ranked Williamstown as the 18th best American Small Town, the only community in Massachusetts included in the top 100!!