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West Brookfield, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Assessing Pasture Soil Fertility and Forage Quality
Description: The health of ruminant animals is directly connected to the health of the pastures on which they graze and the supplemental hay they eat. But how do you know whether youre pastures are healthy? And how can you tell whether the hay that youre buying is of high quality? In this workshop, organic grass-based cattle farmer Matt Koziol will teach us how to read our pastures and the quality of our feed hay. Matt will walk us through how to take, interpret, and implement pasture soil tests to ensure we are making wise economic and ecological choices for our pastures. Hell cover a variety of pasture improvement strategies and discuss how different organic amendments can be used to fortify the pasture biology. Well also interpret several different hay test results and view different samples of various hay types and qualities. Youll walk away from this workshop confident in making better decisions for your pastures and your animals. There will also be time to discuss other aspects of running a 100% grass-fed beef farm. About the Instructor: Matthew Koziol the farmer at Clover Spring Farm, where he raises 150 high quality Devon and Devon/Angus cattle. All of his animals are 100% organic and grass-fed. Read more about Clover Springs Farm here. To Join Nofa/Mass goto www.nofamass.org/membership

When: Dec 4, 2016 1pm to Dec 4, 2016 4pm in West Brookfield, MA
Cost: 35 - 45 USD

Buy Local
Haymakers Country Store 
177 East Main Street
Rte. 9

West Brookfield, MA 01585

A lil shop worth the stop. Dedicated to a simpler time & located in an old farmhouse this shop has the character of an old time country store with handcrafts, imports and cottage industries. Come in and have a cup of coffee or tea and browse a bit.
About West Brookfield, MA
The Town of West Brookfield Massachusetts was founded in 1848 and is located in Worcester County.

West Brookfield was the birthplace of Lucy Stone who was an anti slavery and woman’s rights activist as well as being the first woman to keep her own name after marriage. Stone died in Dorchester Massachusetts in 1893 her last words were spoken to her daughter were “make the world better”!!

Today the town is a rural bedroom community.