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Templeton, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Otter River BBQ Cookoff
The 2016 Otter River Tailgate Barbecue Contest will be a two-category barbecue cooking contest to determine Grand Champion.  In addition to the NEBS Tailgate Contest, there will also be a People’s Choice Pulled Pork Contest on Sunday, August 25. People’s Choice rules are described at the end of this package.

This event counts toward NEBS Tailgate TOY

When: Aug 28, 2016 12am to Aug 28, 2016 12am in Templeton, MA

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About Templeton, MA
Templeton, Massachusetts is a town which contains four villages: Templeton, East Templeton, Baldwinville and Otter River. It is a rural community that has some industry which includes paper and printing. The major part of the work force commutes to Gardner and points east on Route 2.

A largely rural community, Templeton enjoys a very broad recreation base with the Otter River State Forest continuing over the town border into neighboring Winchendon. The Fernald School for mentally challenged adults is located in the town.