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Russell, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Russell Events
Coronation of Brion and Anna
Come One and All to the Coronation of Brion and Anna on Saturday, October 1, 2016.  Join us in honoring the service of good King Kenric and gracious Queen Avelina and wishing long life to our glorious new monarchs.  This grand celebration takes place in the Barony of Bergental at the beautiful outdoor site where Crown Tourney was held in November 2015.

The schedule for the day begins with the Last Court of TRMs Kenric and Avelina at 10 a.m.  in the picturesque lakeside amphitheater, followed by the Coronation ceremony in the gorgeous Chapel grove.  Sitting in State will take place beginning at 2 pm on the main field, during which time a Royal Tournament will be held.  The First Court of TRMs Brion and Anna is anticipated at 4:30 pm.  There is no feast planned for the evening; the event closes upon the completion of court business.

A sumptuous dayboard will be provided under the direction of Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh by Master Aethelhawk Keyfinder and the kingdom's finest kitcheners.  Diverse entertainments will enliven the time between Court and More Court.  Ample space is available for merchants to ply their wares. 

TOURNEY UPDATE A Royal Whim for Coronation:  Tourneys, to test the skills of our gentles of coat armour, and to bring honor to those who inspire them, are most encouraged throughout the realm.  Their Royal Highnesses, Brion and Anna, invite all who would compete to take the field on the day of Their Coronation in a celebration of honor and chivalry.  The day will feature a matched weapon list.  To experience the breadth of skills of our Eastern combatants, Their Highnesses ask members of our heavy weapon community to pair up with a members of the rapier community and as a team compete.  Team arrangements can be made in advance or the day of the contest.  Entrants should be prepared to match weapon forms selected by Their Highnesses for the pleasure of the nobles in attendance.  A prize will be awarded to the members of the victorious team that day.

Heraldic display is most pleasing to the Crowns of the East.  You are heartily encouraged to bring your pavilions and canopies to line the tourney field, your pennons and banners to fly in the breeze, and your best heraldic garb to shine nobly forth!  Advance reservations should include pavilion sizes for reserved space on the inner perimeter.  ***Please bring your folding chairs!***

SITE INFO:  This is a Dry site, no alcohol is permitted.  Service animals only are allowed.  Since we will be outdoors, please take appropriate precautions for sun, rain, insects, plant life and other aspects of outdoor eventing.
ACCESSIBILITY UPDATE:  There are no stairs; in that sense,the site is fully accessible.  However, there are some rough or soft ground areas and challenging inclines.  Every effort will be made to have assistance available to provide full access.  Please contact Mistress Jovonne with questions and concerns.

HOTEL INFO:  Quality Inn of Westfield--mention the SCA for a double queen room at $112 and a king room at $102.  The most economical stay is the Elm Motel in Westfield at under $75 - no frills but it appeared clean and acceptable.

Please be advised that The Big E will still be in session and hotel bookings in other areas, as well as local traffic, may be affected.
Site Opens: 8.a.m.  for retinue, merchants, pre-reg pavilions, 8:30 am General admission
Site Closes: 6:30 p.m.

When: Oct 1, 2016 12am to Oct 1, 2016 12am in Russell, MA

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11 Arnold Street
Russell, MA 01085

About Russell, MA
The Town of Russell Massachusetts was founded in 1792 and is located in Hampden County.

Russell consists of a small population of 2000 year round residents.

You’ll easily appreciate the beauty of the town by driving along Jacobs Ladder Trail which has mountains towering on both sides.