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Plainville Massachusetts - Information and Local Business Guide

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2 BedroomBR Condominium / Co-opCondo - $419,900
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Plainville Events
The Slackville Players Present: An Improv Show
Join us on Friday, March 31st, at 7pm or 9pm, for a laughter-filled evening where your suggestions count! It's like a "choose your own adventure" book--except this time, it's a comedy! Our actors will ask you for suggestions (location, name of a famous person, etc.) that dictate the direction of each short-form improv scene, and, with our group of skilled improv actors at the helm, hilarity will ensue! You've seen shows like "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"--now be a part of one!

When: Mar 31, 2017 7pm in Plainville, MA

3 Medium Event, April 1, 2017

This event showcases three different types of communication with the Spirit Realm.  These three ladies will bring you messages from your loved ones in Spirit, Spirit Guides, Angels and Archangels. Andrea Kukulka is a gifted healing medium, dedicated to delivering information you need in your life right now. Andrea offers messages of hope, love and healing to support you in your journey and reassure you that the loving relationships you had have not ended, only changed. She brings you the emotional connection you are longing for from your loved-ones. Amy Antonellis offers words of support and guidance so you may with move forward in your life. With the help of your loved-ones in spirit, she will identify the blocks that are holding you back and deliver their words of comfort and wisdom to help you find the best path with confidence and reach your greatest potential.   Kristi Johnston is guided by Spirit to draw images of loved-ones in spirit, angel guides or totem     animals. She draws these upside down, contrary to her normal drawing method. These images bring additional confirmation that our time here on earth is not all there is, and the unseen world is real and accessible.  The sketch is gifted to the person for whom it was drawn. The connection of these three women to each other and to Spirit provides a completely unique experience for all those in attendance. Since all three tap into the same spirit energies, they are able to bring unparalled clarity and depth of meaning to your readings. Individual messages are not guaranteed; however messages of love, healing and reassurance are sure to resonate throughout the room.Our next 3 Medium Event will be held at An Unlikely Story Bookstore in Plainville MA  Saturday April 1, 2017 7 - 9 pm RSVP by prepaying here on this page.

When: Apr 1, 2017 7pm in Plainville, MA

Super Hero Adventure Art Class

This workshop is designed to spark children's imaginations, champion group bonding and give visually pleasing results – with no artistic ability required. As a group and individually, children will explore their imagination and own strengths by creating a drawing that represents themselves with awesome superpowers. Class materials will be provided. This class is recommended for children ages 7-12. For questions about the class, please contact Katelyn: katelynchandler1@gmail.com ABOUT KATELYN: Born in Connecticut to a blue collar family & the daughter of a folk artist, Katelyn's bare bones heritage enlivened her ability to make something beautiful out of nothing. A quintessential artist, Chandler began at a young age, transfixed by art and creativity, moving forward with her vision and receiving a Bachelor degree in Fine Art in 2005. Chandler's creative artistic process is to act intuitively as she fully encompasses her canvases, layering paint in an expressionistic manner. Her contemporary voice, innovative ideas, and influences of The History of Art have led her to her unique perception of beauty and strengthened her stamp on art today. For more information about Katelyn, visit: https://www.facebook.com/people/Katelyn-Chandler-Art/100010103528080

When: Apr 5, 2017 4pm in Plainville, MA

Buy Local
Ava's Market 
80 Taunton Street
Plainville, MA 02762

Ava's Market specializes in Dietz & Watson Premium Deli Meats, sandwiches, deli platters, Beer, Wine, Lottery & all your necessary convenience items. Ava's is certain that once you try them, you will be back again. Located on Rt. 152 across from Lowes.
About Plainville, MA
The Town of Plainville was founded in 1905 and is located in Norfolk County on the northeast border of Rhode Island.

Plainville has an idyllic country setting that is heavily forested and most of the land is dedicated to conservation.

The town has several horse farms and stables which are respected for their breeding and training.