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Lexington Massachusetts - Local guide to the Town.

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7 BedroomBR Single Family HomeSingle - $2,199,000
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Horse leaders, side walkers, and barn volunteers wanted!
Sponsored by: BINA Farm Center
Minimum age: 14
The BINA Farm Center (BFC) brings together those with and without special needs by offering a variety of inclusive enrichment programs that will ultimately help them thrive personally and to make their best contribution towards the communities they live in and the society at large.BFC is committed t . . .

When: Oct 26, 2016 12am in Lexington, MA

Maris Platais Exhibit

When: Oct 26, 2016 10am in Lexington, MA


Welcome to THE SECOND CHAPTER SISTERHOOD!!!     The Second Chapter Sitsterhood is a networking and skill-building series for women in transition to "mix, mingle, and mastermind" and help each other overcome barriers between themselves and their goals. Whether you are wrestling with apprehension about returning to work after years at home raising a family; longing to start your own business; or looking to to make a dramatic career change, you're in fantastic company. This casual, comfortable and social setting is designed to both elevate your spirit and educate your mind. It's a sorority with substance...for adults!   FOR ALL THE BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ VISIT: www.milesinheels.com FAQ's: WHAT IS THE "WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN" OF THE EVENT? All details are sent via email immediately upon registration. Light refreshments will be served and cash bar, where available. SHOULD I BRING MY PAPER TICKET TO THE EVENT? Not necessary. We've got you covered, sistah! ARE THE TICKETS TRANSFERABLE? Yes! Here's how it works: If you are unable to attend a particular session, you should feel free to invite a friend to take your place and check us out for that particular date.  If that person would like to attend future sessions, they will need their own ticket or membership. As a courtesy, please tell us who your replacement is in advance of the session so we can greet her with bells on! ARE THERE ANY REFUNDS IF I'M UNABLE TO ATTEND? Sorry, these packages/tickets are non-refundable. WILL TICKETS BE SOLD AT THE DOOR? No.  PLEASE NOTE:  This pricing structure refers to the 2016 season. Rates subject to change. Bonus events may require addtional fees. Service fees not included.

When: Oct 26, 2016 7pm in Lexington, MA

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27 Watham Street
Lexington, MA 02421

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About Lexington, MA
Lexington Massachusetts was settled in 1642 and was incorporated in 1713. Lexington is an affluent community that prides itself on the beauty of its town owned land, as well as the excellence of its public school system and the safety of its residents. The town is home to conservation lands and many parks and also museums and libraries that all provide exceptional opportunities for cultural and recreational activities. The town’s physical location provides easy access to Boston and all of New England.

Lexington’s citizens give particular attention to preserving the town’s rich historical importance as the birthplace of the American Revolution. The annual Patriot’s Day celebration in April is complete with a re-enactment of Paul Revere’s ride and the battle with the British.