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Hanover, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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Beginner Photography- Hanover, MA Only
Beginner Photography, Hanover Photography is about controlling light. Come and learn how to improve your images and picture taking techniques. Offered monthly, the Basic Photography Class is a two-session lecture and hands-on interactive workshop, teaching how to use the basic camera controls; and adjusting aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings to get a proper exposure. Also covered is using aperture for depth-of-field (controlling what’s in focus in the background); stopping action with shutter speed settings; selecting the correct White Balance for color correction management. In the second session, we pull it all together with an individual practical exercise using all of the elements presented during the training session.  Bring your camera with a fully charged battery. This signup is specifically for our Hanover, MA location.

When: Mar 1, 2017 6pm in Hanover, MA

3rd Annual New England Resin Doll Society N.E.R.D.S. Show and Meet-up

Purpose: To meet other BJD and Doll collectors and crafters.  HOSTED by the N.E.R.D.S.  (New England Resin Doll Society) Most NERDS are Ball-Jointed Doll collectors, but there are also fans of Tonner, Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Reborn, and other dolls. All Doll aficionados are welcome!  NERDS DOLL SHOW on MARCH 4-5, 2017 at Hanover Mall Event Center. And will be part of the Northeast Comic Con https://www.facebook.com/NorthEastComicCon/ or www.necomiccon.net  THESE TABLES and opportunities are ONLY AVAILABLE to those who are NERDS. If you have a friend or neighbor who isn't on NERDS yet, tell them to join up right now for these prices. Here's the DOLL SHOW situation for DISPLAY ONLY MEMBERS: 1) As the NERDS we can rent DISPLAY ONLY table space at the price of $20 each, there is one weekend badge with the table, and additional badges are $10 each day in advance!  This price is not available at the door. 2.). You MUST bring your own tables and chairs. Each space is large enough for an 8 foot table. Or rent a table and chairs from the producer.  3.) We'll be in a DOLL zone, so that it will be a NERDS convention within the larger convention. 4.) You must participate all day Saturday. You can also participate Sunday.  Here is the DOLL SHOW situation for SELLING MEMBERS: 1) You must be able to display all weekend (Friday set-up, Sunday evening teardown). 2) because you are a NERDS member you'll get a 50% discount on the table cost (regularly $100 for only $50) this includes a badge and you can purchase additional badges at only $10 each. 3) You bring your own table and chair, or rent from the show promoter. 4) Your table area will be placed within the DOLL zone so that you'll be with other Doll sales people. (If you don't want to be in the DOLL zone then you'll have to purchase your table separately from the promoter at full price.)   All advance tickets will be available at the WILL CALL/ADVANCE SALES ticket booth at NECC in Hanover Mall.  Contact doll.show.new.england@gmail.com for further information. 

When: Mar 4, 2017 10am in Hanover, MA

Tattoo Cowboy

When: Mar 24, 2017 9pm in Hanover, MA

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Wild Birds Unlimited 
386 Columbia Road
Rt. 53

Hanover, MA 02339

Bird food, feeders, houses and nature gifts. We are certified bird feeding specialists.
About Hanover, MA
The Town of Hanover Massachusetts was founded in 1727 and is located in Plymouth County.

Hanover contains a population of 14000 year round residents.

Residents are proud of the Four Corners Section of town which has kept its genuine period village character. Hanover is a close knit and friendly community.