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Dighton, MA - Local Guide to the Town

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3 BedroomBR Single Family HomeSingle - $399,900
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Brian Beneduce- Giving Hope, Healing Fear
Come jon Brian Beneduce, author of Scared To Death, Do It Anyway, as he speaks about his lifelong management of anxiety and panic.  Brian is a very successfull business owner and developed techniques to manage his anxiety and develop one of the top plastic manufacturing companies in the country.  Come learn how to recognize the signs of anxiety and ways to help those who suffer quietly.  

When: Apr 4, 2017 6pm in Dighton, MA

2nd Annual Bases Covered 5K

When: May 7, 2017 12am to May 8, 2017 12am in Dighton, MA

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Happier In My Home, Inc. 
272 Lincoln Ave.
Dighton, MA 02764

Compassionate in-home senior care serving Bristol and Plymouth counties. We offer services related to daily living as well as more personal care. Please contact us with any questions you may have.
About Dighton, MA
The Town of Dighton was founded in 1712 and is located in the center of Bristol County in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Dighton is a mixture of suburbaban and rural settings and also includes a strong industrial presence. Dighton entertains its youth with a variety of activities which include little league baseball and soccer, basketball and softball as well as tennis.

Dighton was named in honor of a woman by the name of Frances Dighton Williams.

The town is very proud to have an excellent education system.