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Carver, MA Local Information - Business Listings and Guide to the town of Carver

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4 BedroomBR Single Family HomeSingle - $194,900
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Carver Events
Miniatures Tuesday at Round Table Games
What is it? Miniature Games! Rune Wars, 40K, X-wing, Painting! Try a new one or play a favorite. When does it happen? Every Tuesday from open to close Where does it happen? Round Table Games at 128 Main St., Ste. A Carver, MA 02330 What does it cost? FREE for open play. We have some leagues and events that have an entry fee, but those are optional. What do you get? Fun with friends. Chivalry points equal to any dollars spent, including library access. You must be registered in both Round Table Game's Rewards program to get the full benefits (registration is free.) http://www.roundtablegamesma.com/ http://www.roundtablegamesma.com/monthly-board-game-league http://www.roundtablegamesma.com/in-store-library http://www.roundtablegamesma.com/video-game-library https://www.facebook.com/RoundTableGamesMA/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/405824459808184/ http://roundtablegames.proboards.com/ http://roundtablegames.proboards.com/board/9/board-games http://www.roundtablegamesma.com/reward-programs

When: May 23, 2017 11am in Carver, MA

Dungeons & Dragons Classic (a la Red Box, BECMI, Rules Cyclopedia)

What is it?  Dungeons & Dragons Classic We will be playing through the original modules using the original D&D Basic rules (The box set (not the Dr. Holmes edition), BECMI and the Rules Cyclopedia as references. Experience is not necessary and we'll teach you to play like they did in 1981.   Roll up a character or pre-gen's are available The current adventure is.......B7: Rahasia Grey Mountain lies deep in the lush elven forest. The temple there was a haven of meditation and learning - until taken over by an evil cleric known as the Rahib.Far under the mountain, he paces before the temple's great altar. A brown-robed servant rushes in and falls to his knees. Trembling at the sight of the Rahib's black panther. "Rahib, adventurers came to the village as the sun rose - the strangers now protect Rahasia"A scowl crosses the Rahib's face. "I must have Rahasia! Attack again tonight." As the servant scurries away, a deep growl rises from the giant cat.Gripping the panther's leash, the Rahib paces again, speaking out load. "We must dispose of these strangers quickly; the secret beneath the temple will not wait much longer." When does it happen?  Every Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm Where does it happen?  Round Table Games at 128 Main St., Ste. A Carver, MA 02330 What does it cost?  $5 per session ($7.50 per couple) OR a minimum $10 purchase in the store the day of the adventure ($15 purchase per couple) What do you get?  4+ hours of gaming entertainment/ education 1 Quest card punch.  Get 10 punches on your Quest card and you can use it for $5 off any paid tournament or event.  (see http://www.roundtablegamesma.com/#!reward-programs/c1yi0 here for details) Chivalry points (1 point for every $ spent including the session fee).  These can be saved for free drinks/ snacks or discounts on products.  See details here. A noble title within our realm.  Play enough and get discounts on events and products.  You must be registered in Round Table Game's Rewards program to get the full benefits (registration is free.) Links Round Table Games’ website http://www.roundtablegamesma.com/ Round Table Games’ Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/RoundTableGamesMA/ Round Table Games’ RPG Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/346382745755039/ Round Table Games’ message boards http://roundtablegames.proboards.com/ Round Table Games’ RPG message board http://roundtablegames.proboards.com/board/5/role-playing-games Round Table Games’ rewards page http://www.roundtablegamesma.com/reward-programs

When: May 23, 2017 6pm in Carver, MA

Millitary Appreciation

As a salute to our America's bravest, all military members receive FREE Admission, immediate family members receive 50% off full priced admission with a valid ID at the gate only. Not valid with any other offers or MA Resident Rate. Admission includes Thomas Land, Dino Land, all rides & attractions. Edaville Tid Bit: MA Resident Rate $27. MA Resident Rate eligible to customers who present a valid MA ID during ticket sales at the Front Gate only. MA Resident Rate may not be applied to online sales or combined with any other promotional offers.

When: May 27, 2017 10am to May 27, 2017 5pm in Carver, MA

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Wareham TownePlace Suites Hotel by Marriott 
50 Rosebrook Place
Wareham, MA 02571

TownePlace Suites Hotel by Marriott is located in Wareham near the coast of Buzzards Bay at the intersection of I-95 and Route 28. Pet friendly suites include free breakfast, high speed internet, separate living and sleeping areas with fully-equipped kitchens.
About Carver, MA
The Town of Carver was founded in 1790 and is located in southeastern Massachusetts 38 miles from Boston in Plymouth County.

Carver is an agricultural based town that relies heavily on its cranberry crop. At one point the town produced more cranberries than any other town in the world.

Visitors are encouraged to step back into the 16th century and take a trip to the King Richards Fair and enjoy food, dance, medieval style entertainment and much more.