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Cape Ann, MA Local Information - Business Direcoty and Vacation Guide to the Northshore Cape Ann.

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About Cape Ann, MA
Cape Ann Massachusetts is located on the north shore of Massachusetts and is comprised of four charming and diversified towns. They are Manchester-by-the-Sea, Essex, Gloucester and Rockport. All of these communities offer some of the most breathtaking seaside vistas of Massachusetts by the Atlantic Ocean you will ever see-well worth the trip for that reason alone-but as you will discover, each town has so much to fill the senses that you are sure to make it your regular vacation destination in any season.

Manchester-by-the-Sea is home to Singing Beach (where the sand actually "sings" as you walk on it) and Coolidge Reservation, a 58 acre property complete with trails, Clarke Pond and a creek which extends to the ocean, and extensive spectacular views over expansive lawns to the rocks and Atlantic beyond. Downtown Manchester has great specialty shops and gourmet restaurants for those special dinners. While visiting Cape Ann, be sure to plan on spending some of your time in Manchester-you will be glad you did.

Essex is the next stop on our tour. You will find plenty to do here! Do you enjoy shopping for antiques? Well, you can't go wrong in Essex. Hunt for that special treasure, be it an 18th century piece of furniture, a fine original oil painting or water color, or even an undiscovered valuable piece of jewelry or collectible. Your search is sure to be rewarding and great fun. If you feel like taking a cruise or going fishing you can charter a boat to do just about whatever strikes your fancy. Hungry? There are many fine restaurants in Essex, including the famous Woodman's, inventors of the fried clam. If you are a history buff, then the Essex Shipbuilding Museum is a must see for you. Come and enjoy Essex. Who knows-you could discover real hidden treasure!!

Gloucester is the largest town on Cape Ann and probably the most populated. Even so, it is never crowded and is always easy to navigate either by boat or by car. There is so much to see here in Gloucester that you really need to spend plenty of time exploring and discovering. Gloucester is America's oldest working seaport and we have given up many a good man to the North Atlantic and her sometimes fierce temper. Our boulevard overlooking the harbor is home to our famous "Man at the Wheel" statue and our Fisherman's Wives Memorial, both commemorating fishing families and the sacrifices they have made over the years.

Gloucester has much to offer historically and culturally. Our own Cape Ann Historical Museum not only contains some of the genuine relics of nautical history, but also houses some of the most awesome original paintings including but not limited to an extensive collection by the famous Fitz Hugh Lane. Would you like to visit an honest to goodness medieval castle? Located on the coast in the Magnolia section of Gloucester is the Hammond Castle. In it you will find many of the inventions of John Hays Hammond, Jr., who is second only to Thomas Alva Edison in number of patents. The self guided tour is at your leisure and its location on the Atlantic is nothing short of spectacular.

Gloucester has some of the most beautiful beaches on the East coast. They include Half Moon Beach at Stage Fort Park, Wingaersheek Beach and the popular Good Harbor Beach. Maybe a lighthouse cruise or a whale watch is to your liking, or maybe even a sail on a genuine schooner. You can fill a number of days just exploring Gloucester's seafaring options.

At the end of a day of touring, shopping in our fabulous downtown area, scouting the art galleries on Rocky Neck, or just swimming and sunbathing, you are sure to want a great meal. Gloucester has anything you want to satisfy even the fussiest pallet, not to mention the freshest seafood anywhere. Accommodations are both charming and comfortable and more often than not include a fabulous view. There is so much to offer here, you could spend your whole Cape Ann vacation in Gloucester!

Rockport, Ma.-your local guide to Rockport, Ma.-a haven of artistic and geographical beauty!
Rockport is our final stop on beautiful Cape Ann, and believe us-there is just so much to take in. Shopping is the order of the day in Rockport's quaint New England seaside town. There are many art galleries, specialty shops, restaurants and antique shops, all of which will please even the most discriminating shopper.

True to its name Rockport Center, better known as Bearskin Neck, is located on the rocky quarry-like coast-we like to think of it as shopping with a view! Journey up the road to Halibut Point State Park and drink in the awesome scenery. You can walk around a huge quarry, climb on the rocks and watch the ocean crash on them below, or do some bird watching. The National Audobon Society considers this location a prime spot for seeing some of the rarest birds in New England year round.

Rockport also has terrific beaches including Front and Back Beaches, Pebble Beach and Long Beach. Stop at Folly Cove and watch a colorful sunset over the ocean. Accommodations in Rockport include some of the best B&Bs in the country. Come to Rockport - we look forward to seeing you!

As you can see, Cape Ann should be your next vacation destination. It is only 50 minutes north of Boston and has so much more to offer than even mentioned here. It is always warm and friendly and it is never over crowded. So come, explore. Swim, sun, sail, shop eat and sleep in magnificently beautiful surroundings. Come to Cape Ann - We welcome you.