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Ashfield, MA Local Information - Ashfield Business Directory and Community Guide

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4 BedroomBR Single Family HomeSingle - $625,000
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William Pint & Felicia Dale in Concert at the Ashfield Community Hall
What: William Pint & Felicia Dale have won an ardent following across the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands with their recordings and appearances at festivals and concerts. They gather together material from many locales and cultures including the West Indies, Wales and Brittany. No dead tradition, seafaring music is very much alive in the hands of Pint & Dale, and in the daily lives of people still dedicated to sailing tall ships in the 21st Century. With extraordinary vocals and guitar, octave mandolin, Irish pennywhistles, fiddles, ukulele percussion and the exotic sounds of the vielle-à-roue or hurdy gurdy, they bring an energetic and contemporary spirit to their material. Prepare for an intoxicating blend of traditional and modern music reflecting the immense vitality of those who live and work on the sea. Pint and Dales music fits into the world of modern folk, rock and popular song, but its rich with the myth, narrative, rhythm, rhyme and lyric associated with the days of the tall ships. Currently they are supporting their new release : Midnight On The Seas. ranges from a traditional shanties and ballads to contemporary songs from some great writers who contribute to the world of nautical music. Song arrangements vary from simple acoustic duets to more complex pieces with marvelous backup musicians. The emotions run from heartfelt to downright silly. William and Felicia have recorded ten albums: the Waterbug label releases, Hearts of Gold, Round the Corner, When I See Winter Return, Hartwell Horn , White Horses, Seven Seas, Set of the Sail, Blue Divide, and the independently released CD: Port of Dreams. Felicia Dale grew up in an environment steeped in the traditional lore of the sea. Raised on Vashon Island in Washington State's Puget Sound, she spent her childhood sailing Northwest coastal waters and cruising Canada's inside passage. Her father was a sea captain who brought back tales and treasures from exotic ports of call. Her mother is a transplanted Parisian; Dale learned French as her first language and acquired a lifelong love for the songs of the French seafaring tradition. Felicia's first musical venture was a duet act with Waterbug recording artist Kat Eggleston when they were both sixteen. Her exposure to the vielle-à-roue or hurdy-gurdy was first through several Seattle area players and then from a performance by the French group Cabistan while on tour at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. Upon her return to Seattle she immediately commissioned an instrument from California luthier Michael Hubbert. Felicias striking vocal harmonies are matched by her creative use of the hurdy-gurdy and Irish pennywhistles, taking these traditional instruments far beyond their usual roles as she blends them into the texture of a song or departs on improvisational romps with equal ease. William Pint was led astray into the folk world in 1970. He was wooed away from his early rock and roll influences (The Who, The Kinks, and The Beatles) by the folk/rock sounds of Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention. This led to a growing interest in the more traditional, less electric music of such artists as Martin Carthy, John Renbourn, The Chieftains and the eclectic songs of the Incredible String Band. In 1977 he headed west to escape the cold Wisconsin winters of his native Milwaukee and to pursue music. The salt air of Puget Sound and the rich, seafaring history of the Pacific Northwest soon led him to explore the song and lore of the deepwater sailors. With his band Morrigan he recorded an album of Irish tunes and nautical songs By Land or By Sea, for Folkways Records in 1979. Along with composer Paul Ely Smith and Robert Kotta in the group Ellipsis, he investigated the unusual combination of minimalist, folk and classical music. Flying Fish Records released their 1984 eponymous recording produced by the late Irish music genius Mícheál Ó Dhomhnàill. The same trio also performed and recorded as Copperfield, a popular Northwest band specializing in British Isles and Celtic music. The trio opened concerts for Richard Thompson, Martin Carthy, Silly Wizard, John Renbourn, David Bromberg and others. In performance, William Pints emotionally expressive singing is complemented by his powerful guitar and mandola work with which he can supply settings of great delicacy or wild, driving rhythms. The Washington Post has described their work as thoroughly entertaining. beautifully crafted and colorfully evocative Sing Out! Magazine says: You won't regret setting sail on a musical journey with Pint and Dale Dirty Linen! Magazine says: "William Pint and Felicia Dale rank among North America's most exciting interpreters of music based in the traditions of the British Isles and France... unconventional but spine-tingling... unique and mesmerizing " Website: http://www.pintndale.com/

When: Oct 1, 2017 5pm to Oct 1, 2017 8pm in Ashfield, MA
Cost: 7 - 15 USD

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About Ashfield, MA
The Town of Ashfield Massachusetts was founded in 1765 and is located in Franklin County. Originally the town was named Huntstown in 1736 but was later incorporated under its present name in 1765 with the support of Lord Thurlow of Ashfield, England.

Ashfield has about 1800 year round residents, in fact it's only in the last 20 years that more people have moved to the town rather than leave it.

Now a day's people are lured in by the cool breeze and scenic vistas and people from all over have moved to the town and have turned it into a cultural center.