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Local Westfield, MA Events & Happenings

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Open Mic Night at Starbucks in Winchester

Join us for a casual evening of Open Mic music at Starbucks, 542 Main Street, Winchester. All ages, all instruments, and all types of acoustic music are welcome! Individual or small duo/trio performances are encouraged. Hosted by Winchester Community Music School and singer/songwriter Mike Verge. For more information, call 781-721-2950 or visit www.winchestermusic.org.

When: Feb 1, 2018 7pm in Westfield, MA
Cost: Free
Fossil Youth @ Shenanigans
Fossil Youth http://fossilyouth.bandcamp.com/ Rich People https://richpeoplepv.bandcamp.com/track/back-step-single Bogues https://boguesdude.bandcamp.com/album/mulligan Dopeghost https://dopeghostband.bandcamp.com/ When Pluto Was A Planet https://www.whenplutowasaplanet.com/

When: Feb 20, 2018 7pm to Feb 20, 2018 11pm in Westfield, MA
Cost: 10 - 10 USD
East Mountain Country Club
When: Apr 19, 2018 12am to Jun 19, 2018 12am in Westfield, MA
Get Golf Ready #3 AM
When: Apr 19, 2018 12am to May 17, 2018 12am in Westfield, MA
Get Golf Ready #1
When: Apr 23, 2018 12am to May 21, 2018 12am in Westfield, MA
Get Golf Ready #2
When: Apr 24, 2018 12am to May 22, 2018 12am in Westfield, MA
Get Golf Ready #1
When: May 22, 2018 12am to Jun 19, 2018 12am in Westfield, MA
WSU Customized Employment - Job Development Planning Part 2
This training is for partners of the Holyoke and Westfield Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment initiative. This includes educational coaches, transition specialists, special teachers, administrators, MRC/Vocational Agency/Community Rehabilitation Provider staff, and college coordinators. Participants may count this training toward the Customized Employment certificate or Inclusive Dual Enrollment Certificate

When: Jun 6, 2018 3pm in Westfield, MA