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You awake in an alien world fragmented by chaos.  You detect others, but who -- and what -- they are remains to be discovered. Your journey begins at Safeharbor. Full day of Live Action Gaming at a the LARP Focused Eagle Pass Camp A living world full of NPC's to interact with You find yourself on an alien world surrounded by strange creatures - you must work together to survive Meet the locals Investigate weird and dangerous anomalies in your Quest to stabilize a piece of the broken Multiverse to call your home Bring your Nerf! Fantasy & Sci-Fi mingle seamlessly Food/parking/facilities available 7+ Cast Members working to provide a living world where your actions matter Create any character from anywhere using our genre-defying system Need some extra help coming up with a character? Our staff is happy to work with you to create your perfect adventure Missing weapons or costuming? We'll have props and supplies for rent to help roundout your character Low-cost Food & Drinks will be available for purchase *Please let us know if you have any specific food requirements

When: Aug 10, 2018 6pm in Wales, MA