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NYC Comedy Invades Amherst
NYC Comedy Invades Amherst With Jordan Raybould

Jordan Raybould is a rising star on the New York comedy scene and now he’s hitting The O’s Music Bar in Sunderland to share the love. As if that weren’t enough reason to make you want to turn off the TV and head out for some real laughs, Jordan’s bringing some of his funny New York friends with him. They’re people you’ve seen on Comedy Central, MTV, Netflix and other places (Yeah, we know those are all on TV, but wouldn’t you rather see these performers in person?). You’ll find out that comedy runs in the family, too, when his comedian brother Bret Raybould hits the stage.

When: Oct 25, 2019 7:30PM in Sunderland, MA
Cost: $7.50
Luke domozick
When: Nov 22, 2019 9pm in Sunderland, MA